Christian Dior Sakura Perfume / Fragrance Review

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Here is my fragrance review / cologne review of Sakura by Christian Dior! This fragrance / perfume is part of the Maison Christian Dior line! Thank you for watching!

Whether you’re searching for the best mens cologne of all time or the best womens perfume of all time, this channel will help you find the perfect fragrance for you. Thank you for watching!

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Boryana Gigova says:

Unfortunately most from the old ones are diluted , changed…or both in a very bad way.The new Gris Montaigne – they call it just Griss Dior now , Bois d'Argent and especially Oud Ispahan are not the same fragrances.Better stock up the original ones …while you still can .

ish c says:


John Wen says:

whats ur favourite top 3 and carlos in these line

Tks Steven

Rich Mitch says:

Have u tried the new leather oud? Terrible

Dkt B says:

Hey, I hope this isn't a dumb question, but it's something that is important to me. And I'm not sure how to go about finding one hundred percent accurate authentic answers. But how do you know if a company that produces colognes is 100% guaranteed animal-free, free from testing and abuse? I really don't want to partake in any colognes that are produced from a company that have abused or tested on animals. Thank you so much for your response, and again I really love your videos Man.


feve delicious all day 🙂

jacked & juicy sequence says:

waiting for the new Parfum de Marly & By Kilian.

WineGuide says:

My favorite in this line currently is oud Ispahan. Here in DC you can often really smell the cherry blossoms a couple days in April. Usually mixed with the smell of cold rain. Always brings me hope for the warmer days to come.

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:

Always the best time collaborating with you buddy

Michael Neprokin says:

I have: Amber Nuit, Eau Noir, Bois D Argent and Feve Delicieuse, love theam all, but Amber Nuit much much more, perhaps it’s best from all my collection (50 bottles)

Nero says:

What is a cherry blossom note though? I have never came across a Sakura tree either in Japan or Korea that has a scent. I've worked for years in Japan and regularly visited Korea in Spring; seen many varieties but none have a scent. Plum blossom, yes.

mexighosthunter 86 says:

Honestly i dont think this would be a fav of mines so il pass….but LoL at 3:45 greatest sniff sniff ever😃😂😆👃👃👌

ScentSense says:

This is how you say it lol

Dominic Ng says:

I just went to Saks 5th last weekend to smell this Sakura. its smell nice but the dry down note its just remind me of body soap. personally i think the whole line its very feminine base and come as soft and light to me. The other one i kinda like its Lucky.

No NonScents says:

Alot of rose in the new line for sure! Ambre Nuit is one of my favorites from the original collection! My brothers from other mothers!

Juniorverse says:

These 12 new Dior Maison collection frags were purposefully made “lighter” than the old Privee line (which have also been recently “reformulated” aka watered down.)
Continuing on with the less scent for more money trend that has all but soured me on the frag game in general.
$320 for body spray strength “niche” perfume?

No thanks.

pandora p says:

Still contemplating on what will be my first bottle from this line. And it's not easy to get good deals on them. Actually bought a decant of Feve Delicieuse for my wife. Those that are in the running for me are Ambre Nuit and Gris Montaigne (were these renamed?). Very interested to try Santal Noir and Purple Oud. Thanks, guys!

Thug Nasty says:

Nice. I have a vague idea my girl will especially like this

Shane DM says:

Carlos seemed demure in this video, not his usual vivacious self.

Richard Solomon says:

Another great review Guys ! My next buy is happy hour but is sold out in Saks . Will get that in few weeks 😃. See you guys soon ❤️

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