Christian Dior Ready-To-Wear SS 2011 – Full Show

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Christian Dior Ready-To-Wear SS 2011 Show Description:

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german108chant says:

Than why the hell are you here

Marlon Cajas Chicaíza says:

Karlie Kloss anorexic and ugly … walking disastrous !!! boringme

infctr says:

thnx 🙂

Rakim8 says:

The last track is Bryan Ferry ‘Slave to Love’.
The very last piece of music (when John takes bow) is also the first, Bowie ‘This is not America’.

german108chant says:

Love Karlie Kloss, her walks are so in the game

tenista2182 says:

what mix of This is not america is this

Axel Ivan Mendotza Gonzalez Snz says:

Sooo creative… $5.000 inditex clothes…& a bunch of $10.000 cloying dresses.

carolina loff says:

its a remix bryan ferry – slave to love but i cant find the remix

rvggarcon says:

OMG I didn’t even think this was Galliano. I thought he had left by this time! This collection is TERRIBLE!

Ahmed mido says:

i’m obsessed with dior …i’m obsessed with karlie kloss and her walk

Ting Chiu says:


Jessica Cochrane says:

OMG so beautiful!!

Michael Cruz says:

Oh my favorite model Karlie Kloss and Coco Rocha. :’>

Millie Rose says:

this is amazing, dior sucks without galliano now

Axel Balsan says:


Mohammed Khan says:

U2 – Magnificent (Fred Falke Radio Remix)

Von Chirole says:

and lastly kate moss’ career is pretty much immortal :>

FashionKingg says:

For one Kate Moss is not known for her walk. Second some of the models in this runway have better walk then Kate Moss. Third the models are way taller then Kate moss. Last Kate moss is knowing for drug addict looks, heroine chic.

Franklin Adorkor says:

I freaking love this mann!! and he had all my fav models in this collection. Great job.

lamppu1991 says:

If anyone is interested the second song is Roxy Music – Street life

mrnnoe says:

Rose cordero looks amazing, love her 😀

SilverNepenthes says:

Coco and Karlie are by far the best walkers.

Karen Galicia says:

Alguien sabe donde puedo encontrar el sauntracks de esta cancion en ORIGINAL o en su defecto HQ Detailed? es sumamente urgente

blublugirl1 says:

aha the best pose of the show… is John Galliano’s

TheBuback says:

This collection makes me say ” Je adore Dior”!!!

Abe221993 says:

magnificent (fred falke remix) by u2

Von Chirole says:

Coco Rocha FTW! I can’t believe these other models walking like that in front of Kate Moss UGH!

bombardir777 says:

what’s name of 3rd song? (which starts at 5:00 ends at 8:05 and goes before roxy music)

Joshua Soberanes says:

i’m sorry your girlfriend’s a fat hefer

bioshoeee says:


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