Christian Dior Ready to Wear Fall 2013 Vogue Fashion Week Runway Show

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Watch the Christian Dior fashion show video from Vogue. Want more? Visit for new fashion trends, style looks, runway shows, shopping guides, models…

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Brenda Quagmire says:

This is a little boring. Dior isn’t the same without Galliano.

CL LZRNU says:

LOL what a joke!

Pedro Juárez Santos says:

Wow the original st was so great. This is like drag music.

abbfba says:


2Chuas says:

Love it all! The reimaged bar suit/suit dresses, embroidery (those
shoe/boots!), delicate draping (Tilda Lindstam), houndstooth with tulip
like skirts (Marie Piovesan), clutch close mink (Isis Bataglia), whimsical
illustrations (Looks 2-4). Pure, unadulterated genius!

StarQualityWins says:

Why is it that the ‘fabric of society’ can’t exist without untruths?


I adore the simple structured strapless white dress in the beginning with
hip embroidery, wonderful!

donald Anna says:

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Angel Barta. They’ve stealing her designes in a sneaky way. Thery copied
all her photos and ideas for big brands without giving her any credit. They
keep her in psycho-terror. There are more articles with evidences. Read it
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CL LZRNU says:

Please stop replacing the original soundtrack.

leolutero says:

the tomboyish tux just looks so uncooked. it was galliano’s signature i
guess. i’m not a pro at this.

cbonillag43 says:

Lo peor de la temporada.

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