Christian Dior POISON review – the perfect scent or a nasty venom?

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Christian Dior POISON review

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tronclay says:

I just bought some of this from a thrift store, unopened box still in the plastic wrap. It was selling for 4$ and online the same bottle was going for about 90$ so without even knowing the scent I bought it. Im a man and the item was, what I assume to be, perfume for a woman rather than a cologne for men. The scent is very strong and honestly im not sure how much I like it. It certainly seems like a female scent, almost an "older woman's" scent, so to speak. When I first spray it I feel like its very strong, almost too strong… but when it gets a chance to linger it clearly establishes itself as a "high end" quality scent. The smell reminds me of how I might picture a very wealthy mature woman to smell. It strikes me as the kind of scent that people will other love, hate or otherwise simply not be sure of how they feel. I usually use Chrome by Azzaro and though it seems to be a lower to midrange scent its gotten me more compliments than any other. I think ill try this scent even though it seems to be oriented towards females… In my experience sometimes, as a straight male, females seem to be more attracted to scents that I would have otherwise deemed a scent meant to to worn by women to attract men….It makes sense. Usually people choose scents they enjoy rather than scents they think others will enjoy.Thanks for the review. It helped me understand the scent a bit more and learn about it.

samdave hajj says:

AAAAAHHHH!! 6:55 and 12:45!! sorry i might keep commenting along the video LOL
awesome so far:P

samdave hajj says:

wow you got me at 3:00. SAFE! hate safe perfumes! anyway u're really cool man, great review:) Poison is also my holly grail scent.

rttoronto says:

Which concentration of perfume is in the bracelet please? Thanks, great video, u rock :)

Maison Magalhães Parfumerie says:

My God! You did a great overview of the complete line of Poison.
These products are still sold in your country?
They are my dream of consumption!

Congratulations on video.
Visit my channel also has great videos of perfumes.

cyril benavides says:

I love your review regarding on dior poison. This is my first perfume back in the 90's vintage version in a more elongated bottle. My grandma used to love this scent but my mom never does. But she always receive it as a present by her friends but lucky me, this will pass unto mine. She's more into calvin klein eternity and avon sweet honesty. This perfume holds a strong memory of my childhood mostly from my 1st grade. My teacher call my mother to take me home and bathe because im making her and my classmates really ill. Hahaha! And i just spray a decent 3 squirts. Imagine how strong this was before? Even i go back to class during that time my smell still linger in the room and poison still sticks on my body just mellow but still noticible for those around me. I don't have any idea how this smells like in recent formulation but i hope to have one once again. It's almost impossible to buy this in our place since it's already rare. Maybe in manila but it is too costly. I cannot afford as of now. Is it still available in a 5ml bottle? Thanks and god bless

Barbarawynnecandy says:

I so agree with your thoughts about it triggering memories and having an almost ancient feel to it. It's a mystical, magickal fragrance and amazing to wear! I hope you make a second video of your collection…would love to see it!

rick .jameson says:

Your hair looks incredible in this video!

John Doe says:

Wow! You've got poison heaven going on there! 

Manuel Paris says:

Love this video! Do you have the bathline of Opium too? XXX

Martina73 says:

OMG!!!!!! Awesome video., Thank you! 

fmfv1 says:

Yay! Been waiting for this review. Loved it! That bracelet is perfect for a snake-like spy…like me. Lol. ? Muahahaha. Take care. xoxo ?

Chris Eastcoast says:

Dacob, the original Poison packaging is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!! I always thought the green/black was a malachite-inspired design, but I also see the moire effect.

John John Betch says:

I thought I was the only person that cares so much about these things! Thank you so much this really made me happy …. And I LOVE wearing Poison… It's one of my favs along with No19, Black Orchid, Iris Ganache and Alien .
I'd like to ask you your opinion about two fairly new perfumes, the Cuir Amethiste by Armani Prive and Noble Leather by YSL … I like them but they are so expensive here in Greece were I live! They are more expensive than No5 or even Coromandel…. And I'd like to know if you think they are worth it and which one is best, since they are quite similar . 

manny Lago says:

Love , love , love the video Dacob . As always you manage to entice me and leave me lingering to buy items . Personally poison is a little strong for me , but I totally understand your love for the perfume . As always love and energy , and have a lovely day .

Maria Carattini says:

woowwwww that a stunning collection!!!! amazing!!!! love ittt!!

emilio xx says:

Love this video! Now that's a collection. I love Poison .I have the reformulation and I have smelled the original formulation too… it is still beautiful. Can't wait to get that last bottle of vintage Poison at the mini perfume shop in my town! 

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