Christian Dior POISON perfume review!! My favourite perfume in the world!!

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Here is my take on my favourite perfume from my entire collection, Christian Dior Poison!

You can buy the current Poison edt here

You may still find the vintage bottles on Ebay.

Hope you enjoy xx


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D B says:

Love your voice & review ??

youtubepoop fan says:

love this fragrance!

Ameerul Zayn says:

Love the way you describe the

Tanja P says:

Amy; I bought Narcisso Rodriiguez for her from & it looks real..the box bottle….but I feel it didn't smell the same. The smell just stays real floral & when I got a sample downtown it was floral at first…but then would turn real nice on me even a bit sweet & fresh. Do you know if they sell fakes? And were should I buy my perfumes?

Salete Cembrani says:

Hi Ami!
This is the my mother!s perfume. She loves it.
I like but I love many perfumes…….

RyzFragz34 says:

Fantastic review!! Wow perfect. I really want a vintage bottle for the collection. :)

Meraquanta says:

Love it, love it, love it. Glam rock girls bathed in Poison in the 80's and it's been my true poison ever since. I've a 2014 bottle and I think it's missing the incredible headiness I remember from the 80's/90's. It's still Poison though.

semra mua says:

I love it my first bottle was banned by my friends. Every one around me complaint how strong it was. (lol ) I bought another bottle after many many years I still adore it and truly don't care if no one loves it. It is for me and makes me happy . There is no fragrance like this one. Thank you for the video enjoyed it as usual.

WinnieThaPoo92 says:

so cool that this is your favorite since you have a massive, wonderful collection – i love this fragrance, so groundbreaking and iconic. loved the view for this video, lovely scenery!

DearGenevieve says:

Have you tried Cobra by Al-Rehab? I haven't, just want to know if its a dupe.

Gen'kalovesmakeup says:

This was my first high end perfume I ever bought at the age of 17 from my first paycheck I thought I was so cool and mature lol I still love this perfume and currently on my third bottle 15 years later…Tfs ???

Flickchen says:

It's a long time ago that i smelled Poison, but i know i didn't like it on me. But next week i'll give it another chance! ?

21Cauzzie says:

This had a huge launch in Sydney and I remember my mother reading the reviews saying how fabulous the party was but it was a pity about the perfume!!! So it was not an immediate success on the night of the launch.

Kristi Marie says:

I have the vintage edt.

environut2001 says:

Yessssss! I love this one. Very poisonous…..

FragranceView says:

The new EDT smells like burning rubber tires to me haha! the bottle is pretty though

themaskedredbandit says:

I used to wear vintage Poison in eau de cologne version as a very young person (I didn't realize it was passe then ;)). It was heavenly and got me a lot of compliments. I found the current version quite different and I'm not that fond of it.

Team Hardcorobic says:

I love it ❤️ I agree with you

Fragrancy blog says:

Poison <3 Also one of my favs !

Jabou baa says:

Amy, I like all the poisons except this one. Too strong for me.
I love the red hypnotic poison, the green tendre poisson and the white one.

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