Christian Dior – Paris Fashion Week – A/W 2012-2013 – Haute Couture

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Close Premier défilé pour le successeur de John Galliano : Raf Simons prend les commandes de la maison Dior C’était l’événement le plus at…

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ابتهال محمود says:

Sooooo bad ..

Allysha Ishak says:

agreed! See Anna Wintour’s reaction at 20:00, she took her glasses from awe to see the details, could see how excited she got. That dress was very Impressionist, too – must have been a feast of detail.

Allysha Ishak says:

it’s definitely more wearable, which is a fresh breath of air (or not in that case) for couture.

Allysha Ishak says:

I think with the arrival of Raf Simons in the Haute Couture world, misperceptions will be corrected. Haute couture does not equate to drama, extravagance or show-stopping (although these things can be achieved!) It equates to skill, craft, absolute finery in the details and the connection between garment and wearer. Keep your mind also, whatever YOUR personal definition of Couture is, it isn’t. There are LEGAL guidelines to it, established generations ago.

toriali7 says:

I love I like I hated

IloveGermany00 says:

I wish everybody dressed like this…

Robertking1996 says:

8:44 !! Them tits was pierced for life HUNTY!!!

Allysha Ishak says:

thank you 🙂 holy shit, can’t believe I didn’t recognize biosphere!

Benito Martinez says:

It wasn’t an awful collection, but it wasn’t what I was expecting when I read “haute couture” in the title

everwhat60 says:

My god the same clothes but in different colour who the heck will by them and its boring yawn yawn……

Arjan Singh Verdi says:

Pretty boring *yawn

Calvin Wong says:

is that hamish bowles in the blue suit lolol

Hassesbeya says:

This is terrible, the clothes aren’t at all very imaginative or good looking, and the music is off putting.

jerbear601 says:

those flower covered wals are to DIE for!

jerbear601 says:

the 1st and 6th songs are (in order):

Chukhung – Biosphere

A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld – The Orb

Irena Sheremetjeva says:

это было великолепно!

magsasaka1960 says:

Could you please enlighten us on your definition of HAUTE COUTURE?

omaimatnaibi says:

Ammm bueno me gusta

I00IIpo0oop says:

Me gusto mucho, romántica y femenina pero bien moderna

edosadi says:

triumph of modernity in haute couture for dior. sublime!

tumblinxxs says:

Vanessa Axente’s walk was flawless

JoonasSistersBaand says:


Allysha Ishak says:

his music is very diverse! Generally it is labelled techno and acid house. His very early stuff (under other pseudonyms) were in fact acid techno lol. Since releasing SAW he’s produced more ambient music, which is absolutely fantastic if you ask me. He’s got a HUGE body of work so that makes it all the more complex, and fun! 🙂

lushclub says:

i’d really appreciate it if any of you guys took time to check out and subscribe to my channel 🙂 x

Elynnewith2N says:

Hi, you said you`re an Aphex Twin fan, so I have to ask you:
How would you describe their style, or would you (at least vaguely) classify it as a specific style/genre? Thanks a lot!

Elynnewith2N says:

in terms of colours this collection really reflects how I feel nowadays, either I want to wear very dark simple pieces or very bold!

Elynnewith2N says:

what does the term `Haute Couture` really mean to you? (please answer this) thanks

CafePinkTV says:

These garments have the sophisticated chic that looks great when put on.

etsumori says:

The only cool about this show is the flowercovered walls. The collection is rather dull. I see no drama in these garments. To me this isn’t Haute Couture!

Julia Seferynowicz says:

1. Chukhung – Substrata

Fátima Monje Gutiérrez says:

thank you, Allysha Ishak! 

Allysha Ishak says:

1st and 6th songs idk tbh but

2. Aphex Twin — Windowlicker
3. Aphex Twin — Girl/Boy Song
4. Aphex Twin — Pulsewidth
5. Aphex Twin — Jynweythek [Ylow]

and as an Aphex Twin fan, I am so disappointed with the arrangements of the music and the model’s walks

Alberto Nuñez says:

The black models? :(

Fátima Monje Gutiérrez says:

someone knows the tittle of the song, please??

Kyle Hart says:

How about we say things with a purpose, alright? Ok.

moskalus says:

the music

Shijo Kaze says:

Hmmm Harvey Weinstein, Jennifer Lawrence and Sharon Stone…

Thu Hien Dang says:

the majority of this collection was about upclose details rather than big structure, shape and silhouette. That’s why I think they arrange the audience so close to the models, so they can see the designs with their own bare eyes.

Adelmo Ramos says:

i don’t like either

owlines says:

5:06 reminds be a bit of holly golitely aka audrey hepburn…this collier and the black dress

bob71631 says:

I just cant stop looking at annas face

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