Christian Dior MISS DIOR unboxing

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Hello welcome back to my channel
So happy to share this unboxing of my MISS DIOR PROMENADE.

This is going to be such a handy piece to add to my collection and I wanted to add another WOC style bag to it.

Thanks for watching
Love Lisa

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lylarush says:

Sorry missed your later videos on it. I'm watching them now. Thanks for filming them. 

lylarush says:

Hi Lisa, I just subscribed to your channel. Please film a review video of your new bag and comparison against the Chanel WOC. If you can only have one which to get?

Maria Balanza Castelo says:

Such a beautiful bag, and it seems a bit bigger than the chanel woc!? Great purchase! 🙂 x

Tasari says:

Lovely bag the packaging is gorge???

Lily Bonelli says:

Yay!!!!!!!!!! Love your hair in the video! You look so glam! Beautiful bag!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chanelbuddy255 says:

I'm your new subbie. That's a lovely bag. I just bought the "lady dior" WOC and I'm loving it. ????

a nolmans says:

Thank you so much for sharing!   I'm debating which bag is more practical MISS DIOR PROMENADE or Chanel WOC!  Please do a comparison between the two!  

imjulielee says:

What a lovely bag! A review will be really nice along with a better look at what’s inside


The Curly Life says:

Darling, Congrats on this amazing piece! 😀 It really suits you so nice 🙂 Kisssss

Linda Klinton says:

She's such a beauty. Great choise. And I would love to see a review. xoxo Linda

Coco Supernova says:

Hi Lisa this is such a lovely Miss Dior piece. I have fallen in love with the cannage pattern a few years back and look how chic and versatile it is! So beautiful! I have got my eye on something! Congratulations and enjoy darling! xx Lorelei

kelli loves3 says:

Would love to see what fits in it and how you like it

kelli loves3 says:

I like that you can remove the chain 

kelli loves3 says:

Ongoing! I'm absolutely in love!!! It's so pretty! I would love that! Enjoy!????

Paula Bauer says:

What a Beauty

missfrasier1 says:

She's beautiful .

MSpanders10 says:

What a gorgeous bag Lisa, yes please do a review on it.  I know your excited to wear it.

lockstockandstyle says:

What a beautiful purchase. After watching your video this item may have crept onto my wish list. Enjoy. 

Jorinda Designs says:

Sounds like Chica liked it too! lol (sorry I don't know how to spell your dogs name!)

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