Christian Dior Miss Dior Promenade Review

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The Long Awaited Review Sorry for the wait I wanted to really use the bag and get a good feel for the bag in different situations…. Here are the details to t…

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trina leavers says:

wow beautiful gorjus gorjus huni, i am falling in love with dior more every
day ,stunning bag ,enjoy xxx

Jonny lizaola says:

I love Dior’s patterns on their bags. I personally love the Lady Dior bags.
great review.

LVlover cc says:

Love love love love her! What a beautiful bag Lisa! I’m very much into Dior
bags lately. Haven’t made my mind up for which bag to go for as a first
Dior! Could you tell me which bags are you thinking of getting from Dior?
Always love to know what others love to get!

matthewlikesLV says:

Gorgeous bag. I think many women are falling in love with Dior this year!
Thank you for sharing 

Chanelbuddy255 says:

That’s such a gorgeous bag. I just purchased a lady dior WOC as they ran
out the promenade on that size here in Sydney but I will definitely get one
when they have more delivery. Great review. Regards!!!!!

HaveLouisWillTravel says:

Loving that bag and adding Dior to my wish list. Great review!

michelle haywood says:

just gorgeous!! it seems perfect for you!! i love both chanel and dior, but
i have to say as far as quality, packaging, purchase experience etc, dior
exceeds chanel – sometimes i just look at my lady dior or dior clutch and
the detailed craftsmanship is just so special, congratulations and thanks
for sharing!! 

blueocean2012 says:

Great review & thanks for sharing ! However, the dimensions supposed to be:
8.5 inch H x 5 inch across x 2-3 inch depth wide at base & narrow up (
which approx 22cm x 15cm x 8-5 cm ) for the new style in large size. This
new style of “MISS DIOR PROMENADE” came in 2 sizes now. Mine is a new style
too in a larger size & my SA gave me the dimensions carefully before I
purchased the clutch. Hope this helps! Is yours a larger size? THX!

NastasiaM53 says:

You make me want this bag even more

Karen West says:

Really gorgeous Lisa love it ,love the baby pink colour ,,and you can get
so much in it and take the chain of,thanks for showing us xx

MSpanders10 says:

What a good review the bag is gorgeous. Your new camera is great the
picture is crystal clear.

Jen Monk says:

How much does the bag cost? Xx

BmwA5H says:

Stunning bag Lisa. This style – black with silver hardware suits you so so
well. Classy bag, classy lady – 🙂 x

peacef77 says:

I’m glad you like Dior, it is my favorite store! X

ShopSRJ says:

This bag is so stunning!!

stella lotito says:

What a thorough review. This really is such a gorgeous bag. You look so
beautiful in this video and Miss Dior suits you perfectly! Thank you for
sharing this…..

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Liking your hair and earrings combo. Pretty purse/bag :)

Sherin Ng says:

I’m also a leftie Lisa! But I wear my bags on my left, though I still do
wear my watch on the left & play a regular guitar. Loved the review I need
to look into this bag it looks so much more spacious than the Woc! Please
do a what’s in my bag video for this piece! Xx 

Becky L says:

Such a gorgeous and useful bag! Looking forward to your what’s in my bag
because let’s face it, who doesn’t love those?! Lol

Soozy . says:

Love this bag – saw it a couple of weeks ago in the Fuchsia. Only thing I
did not like is the way the chain clips on, the parrot clip just does not
look so nice (looks cheaper to me) and I dont like the fact when You take
the chains off you can see the rings still if you want to use it as a
clutch. I shall have to go and have another look at her as she is lovely

Kelly Robinson says:

She is beautiful Hunni.congrats on the new bag.xx

Meenakshi White says:

I agree 2015 is the year of Dior. Love this WOC & your apartment looks
beautiful too. Xx

flossy1298 says:

It’s soooo amazing! You look beautiful Lisa! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kathi Bucklin says:

Hi Lisa
Love this review. What a beautiful bag! So versatile. Glad your enjoying
it. I have always walked right by the Dior shops when traveling. Next time
I see a store I will be going in! Love your earings!
Stay dry

er dunno says:

Hi Lisa. Thanks for you reply. Never been to Aus so it wasn’t me!
Just wondering about the chain strap. Is there enough room on the metal
loops attached to bag to thread the lobster clasps through? If so, you
could loop chain through it then re- attach to loop on leather part of
chain strap. Dior has missed a trick if you can’t. Still a lovely bag and
great value compared to Chanel. Thanks Lisa, Yasmin x

Stanleydragonjr says:

Love that little beauty,I’m on a bag ban,I went it to Dior in soho NYC and
loved the bag,bag ban….so I bought the card case that is lined in the
delicious soft pink,so beautiful,YES this is the year of Dior I
think,beautiful quality,xo,thank you for a review on a bag that is first on
my list …..after I leave the bag ban….ugh. Thank you

lovegracebeili says:

Lisa, I have the same bag but in black patent with silver. I just love it.
It is similar to chanel mini flap in size but a lot cheaper. Great video!!!
I am planning to buy a lot more Dior bags this year;)

Behind the Bags says:

Lova love love it Lisa!!! So pretty and amazing! Maybe it’s the year of the
Dior 2015? ☺

Ekaterina Shlyakhova says:

it’s soooo stunning!!!! thank you for the review!

lockstockandstyle says:

Okay, that’s it. I have to get one. Thanks Lisa!

belinda jess says:

I love that bag!!! I’m going to have to look at dior. You look fab as
always. Love the new camera and filming spot!

coquetteloves says:

I am loving your Dior! This looks much bigger than my Chanel WOC. I also
love the large pocket in the back. So gorgeous! 

Massi Smith says:

Great review. I can’t decide between getting the Chanel Woc or the Dior
woc/clutch… Could you please do a comparison video with the Chanel WOC?
It would be so useful!! thank you! x

LadySusan Jane says:

It’s such a pretty bag don’t you think? I wouldn’t take it out in the rain
either. Canvas LV yes, not beautiful lambskin. Look forward to comparison
video. Adelaide has a week of warm weather coming up so Melbourne usually
follows. Yay!

bagslover pan says:

Hi Lisa you did such great video on this new Dior WOC! I just wonder if you
own Chanel wow that you can compare these two ! It look Dior WOC are
shouter than Chanel WOC if Ian not wrong! I really plan to get this WOC
after saw your review. Thanks a lot. 

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