Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison Fragrance Review

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The bewitching fragrance HYPNOTIC POISON! A quite unique fragrance depicting by a red bottle that looks like a potion. It’s something special. Come and follo…

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ouch110 says:

Thank you. 🙂

naseem akthar says:

Such a great review I’ve subbed 🙂 ❤️ keep up the good work

ouch110 says:

well, I try not to speak French very often because I sound like an idiot
and mess it up haha.

Amarah Anay says:

My favourite perfume is Poison but I do love all of the line but as you
said it is so dissapointing how they’ve reformulated them! I try to collect
the pre formulated ones when I can, they smell so much better… Thanks for
the review!

zurazurita says:

Thanks so much!! Your videos are really nice to watch!

ouch110 says:

Well, companies that produce perfumes on a very large scale tend to use
only a small percentage of natural oils. They mainly use “Aromachemicals”
which are chemicals that replicate the smell of essential oils. You will
run the risk of there maybe being some REAL almond essential oil in it, but
it’s hard to tell. The best thing to do would be to contact Dior direct and
find out the percentage of Almond essential oil in the perfume (there may
be none at all). Good luck!

Candice Chen says:

LOVE it. It does smell like cream soda or a root beer float. I’ve loved it
for almost 10 years, and stocked up on a few bottles of this during a sale
several years ago. Boy am I glad I did, because they reformulated it after
that. The new one’s good but the old one is denser, darker and more
buttery. (I do find Fragrantica to be a little off on the notes though.
This is supposed to contain only a very short notes list – carraway, bitter
almond, sambac jasmin, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, oakmoss.)

zurazurita says:

Does anyone think that the almond in the perfume could cause allergic
reaction to a boyfriend allergic to nuts who is kissing you? Or is the
almond all chemical-y.. so it isn’t like a real almond? Please reply.. I’m
real curious<3333

Ahmad Ali says:

One of my favorite fragrances, I have a 2009 bottle (black cap). I smelled
an older tester before and it was definitely thicker than then what I have,
Lately I tried the new stock and it was kinda watered down a bit. It starts
with a very offensive spicy caraway then dries down to a very buttery,
creamy vanilla and jasmine mix with a very dry almond. Very long lasting +
Wonderful Sillage

Tal Mamatov says:

You should pronounce it à la française, pouazóñ. It has a much nicer ring
to it than the English poison 🙂

Tal Mamatov says:

Your honest opinion, can a man pull this off?

ouch110 says:

Have you heard of the new one? Hypnotic Poison Eau Secrete? If you’re on
fragrantica you musy have. But HOW EXCITING?? I’ll be rushing out to try
that one.

ouch110 says:

In my honest opinion…a guy can pull off ANY scent he chooses. It’s just
about confidence. 🙂 In regards to if this is a “Masculine” smelling scent.
Id’ say it veers more towards feminine, but because of it being unusual, a
guy could wear it. The only thing that defines whether a scent is male or
female is marketing, that’s all. Go test it on your skin and see what you
think. It’s great in winter and used in small doses. Hope that helps!

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