Christian Dior History

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Christian Dior History.

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gianna victoria says:

Galliano is a fashion genious-better than mr. dior himself. he is the most talented designer I have ever seen and I know all about fashion history. Galliano is amazing in his work.

gianna victoria says:

u r so right. fashion week w/o Galliano has become a bore. there is just something missing- the dramatic shows of Galliano. not to mention his out of this world haute couture collections.

funkygibbon555 says:

I just adore the Dior at its most perfect.

1940grace says:

Delightful !

Gabriel Fuentes says:

This is absolutely amazing beautiful and sad.
“Fashion was waiting for Galliano” that sentence break me down

Great job!

bobduvar says:

totally agreed.
Dior needs Galliano…. D&G.

marky8418 says:

This is the Best BEST Video on Youtube HANDS DOWN. It is True, Fashion was waiting for Galliano. We Need him back.

Tiago Marques says:

got an interview with CD tmw… cant wait

Higbby says:

Thank You ! xx

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