Christian Dior Haute Couture – Winter 2007 (1)

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Full-length video of the Christian Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano runway for Winter 2007.

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TheGuroLOLITA says:

Galliano will always remain in people’s heart as one of the most dramatic,
exquisite romanticist. in a way he is irreplaceable.

Omar Laguna says:

THIS IS THE BEST ONE SO FAR, all cast of models… clothes, music,
scenario… blown away

John Reyes says:

Who is the model @ 6:58-7:10?? GORGEOUS!

vosharap says:

@BlancheDubois Sorry, who were you referring to?

JeanPSUL B says:

what is the name of the song to start in the 4:00 please

Erik James says:

Was this Dior winter 2007? Or Giselle winter 2007?

luis trepa says:

you´re right, and she overdoes it by acting as if she’s solliciting

VivaLaJULIE says:

While I am absolutely in love with the dresses and suits themselves, I
hated the actual show. I don’t mean to ‘dehumanize’ the models, but they
aren’t here to interact the crowd. They are there to show the gorgeous
clothes that they are wearing, and I know they were instructed to do what
they did, but it was just horrible. The runway was wayyy too long and the
show’s surroundings were emphasized too much, almost distracting at some
points. As cliche as it is, less is more.

luis trepa says:

Why the middle off the show vanished? It breaks my heart! thanks

0003qing says:

Dior favors the look of geisha~

zachary conner says:

She wore a REAL GOWN!

nathan dantas says:

I wish I could have seen more of Mariacarla =[ Magdalena was just amazing.

ImmaculateRecovery says:

really, how do you know lol? i have only watched like half of this show

214Juan says:

I can honestly say that It was Dior that introduced me into a world of
fantasy, free expression, pure art, and fashion….. and we should give
John Galliano our thanks for given us that magnificent gift.

Tyler Eustice says:

@singaporeairlines747 Oh I bet she was soooo tired!!!! She only made
hundreds of thousands of dollars. And she didnt pose the entire time, she
acted very unprofessional while sitting down, asking people around her
questions and then chatting up Naomi like it was fine to see them having a
“girlfriend” moment.


They are jealous! Small is better. You look better, feel better and live

JeanPSUL B says:

she look so old soory but honestly its that make up

pinko pallino says:

@abracathingy to call someone stupid you don t have to know the
person…you can tell for the stupid things that he said…so idiot..before
speaking think and if you answer think twice.stupidity is the worse
sickness .

08jiipee says:

And Gisele is worst model of the show…. I love that second song Sparks
featuring Jimmy Somerville “Number one song in heaven”!!!!….

THANG VI says:

the dress at 3:00 is one of my fav its simply done with elegant details i
would wear that in a second

babyharryable says:

angela lindvall is so gorgeous

88Lenna says:

@Aussiize Silence is Sara MacLachlan is it not?

FashionKaren01 says:

it the make up!

emil1317 says:

@RYANTUCKER4 this is all very true but women would also have to already BE
very powerful in order to afford anything even close to this. but yes you
are very right


Meaning, you said a mouth full! LOL



inplane99 says:

Not 1 but 2 brazilians at the beginning of the show haaaa snd you have to
give some credit to Gisele she was the supermodel of the recent past

Garçon Aussiize says:

Number One Song In Heaven – Sparks & Jimmy Somerville Silence (acapella
cover version) – Unknown Artist Isaac (DJ Yoav N.Y. Mix) – Madonna The
Secret Garden – Cara Tower State Of Independence (vocal mix) – Sao Benitez
UNKNOWN: orchestral/choral opening song, dance music mixed with “Silence

Sara Nielsen says:

The third dress is amazing! Of course the rest of the collction is to 🙂

Eddiemund1989 says:

i love giselle…but hmmmnah this aint her medium


Everything about Dior is always perfect!

tatti salles says:

What is the name of the remixed music that started on 6:00?

jasch21 says:

this is not gisele’s first couture. She had her first couture shows back in
90’s for Gianni Versace, Givenchy, Ocimar Versolato, Valentino

abracathingy says:

@sanos2007 making a dress doesnt make it couture. you don’t get to tell me
to shut up, okay? I was respectful. not trying to offend you or anything,
but look at the dresses out there. some of them have hand-sown sequins or
other embellishments, which obviously take a long time. and the point is
that is still takes a lot, the fact that 100s of people work on a dress for
50 hours(example), it just means there was 100 people each working that
many hours, not that the dress takes less time.

Tyler Eustice says:

While you are obviously correct,Yes, but when sitting down and chatting up
Naomi, a bit unprofessional to not be able to hold herself together without
gossiping for 30minutes. That’s what backstage is for.

jimmyjk08 says:

@LuniaVideo its not a case of being pretentious. its just a case of
realising that these pieces are more like art than everyday clothes.

luis trepa says:

you would’nt know a ‘real’ model even if you bit one. small bites, off

apsurfa02 says:

4:05 a little lady gaga much? lol

0003qing says:

well maybe you are right, i am just amazed at their make-up. it made their
faces look rigid,but in a delicate and fragile way. it resembles geisha so

Jak h says:

are you better than her? then why I haven’t seen u on the runway?

mxslv says:

john galliano is the designer at dior

emil1317 says:

adrishakira02 trust me the song was custom done for this show. I have tried
EVERYWHERE to get it. months actually…I even contacted Dior themselves
and they told me it was done for the show..sorry… I know its amazing

danzkaban says:

i adore giselle. but here she looks like a drag queen

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