Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013

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Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2013 Full Runway show.

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J Alberta says:


guillermo aleman says:

this collection is so fresh and feminine… really bold and delicate with intricate details

guillermo aleman says:

cheap? what a depressing word… can’t be help if you are cheap and have no taste whatsoever…obviously you don’t appreciate a brand, only wearing to belong, you sir/ma’am is cheap!!

shiggyfresh says:

thank youu i love it <3

tashstash says:

The silhouettes are to die for.

Destiny Robertson says:

Simons is very minimalist, and he put himself into dior creating this. I think it’s very gorgeous

hausofmarcos says:

The XX – Angels

MsRaconteur says:

Look, maybe Simons’ designs aren’t the most creative, but they’re definitely very wearable which we seriously need more of.

davide danger says:

borderline ugly/beautiful = kind of genius 

s37106LUCA says:

hmmmm I’m so glad that someone is saying this ! people have no idea what they’re saying , this collection is NOT minimal or boring or simple or plain , I mean there is colour , there is embroidery , there are great fabrics , stunning new and fresh cuts , there is a vision of a real designer , it’s light , feminine , fresh , it’s ladylike (as Dior should be , yes Raf understands Dior and the Dior woman) it’s not minimal at ALL

Luis Alvarado says:

I love the clothes but definitely miss john gallianos flair for drama and details

shiggyfresh says:

whats the name of the first song?

animalrabbitcarer says:

how is it cheap obviously Dior is a  designer. he is deffiantly not cheap. neither is it boring.

seaborder says:

Cheap and boring.

chrisnurse1 says:

when john g was the head designer for CD HC there where lots of details on each clothes lots of beading’s, laces and rich fabrics and lots of ball gowns and grand headdresses and crazy make ups and now ahhhhmmm i dont know its very plain and simple.

Chang Chang says:


privatethoughts85 says:

First time I’ve watched a Dior Couture show and not get goosebumps or be FLOORED by one single piece. Everything was just “really nice”. But I can buy “reallly nice” off the rack.

ImmaculateRecovery says:

she was my favourite, so ugly but so amazingly graceful and beautiful at the same time

amanda bacas says:

Not impressed

likemyonlyprayer says:

who is the first model? 😮

kate4bebe says:

Mariya Markina (CITY)

ImmaculateRecovery says:

I think people saying this is too simple and its not couture, should shut the fuck up

I went to the dior exhibition at harrods, these dresses UP CLOSE are not simple, you have no idea what these pieces look like up close, they are unbelievable so please close your mouths

tooooomo1984 says:

The name of the last song?

Chin Ee Chin Chin says:

the first model’s mesmerizing

iamjorgedaniel says:

Darling, can you PLEASE read Christian Dior’s biography and the story of the new look ? You clearly don’t know ANY about Dior so don’t come here talking about “heritage” 🙂

iamjorgedaniel says:

you’re sooo right ! Dior ALWAYS was about waste meters and meters of fabric. This looks like and Haute Couture collection from Lanvin.

Nour Maestro says:

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Nour Maestro says:

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Nour Maestro says:


tooooomo1984 says:

Whats name last song ?

Anne Dijkstra says:

What is the name of the model at 7:01…!!!?

el Arte de Pilar Agrelo Art for children's says:

Por favor que vuelva Galliano

el Arte de Pilar Agrelo Art for children's says:

nothing special….

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