Christian Dior | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 Full Show | Exclusive

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Christian Dior | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 by Maria Grazia Chiuri | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video – PFW) #FFLikedalot #WOW

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Thomas Graham says:

Come back John Galliano

kislev1974 says:

Dear Ms. Chimichurri… BITCH!!!! Drop that Valentino aesthetic !!!

ShikagoMale1 says:

Israel can bomb Palestine into non-existence, but John Galliano had to leave Dior disgracefully? That's not just.

Also: These post-Galliano Dior shows have pretty much been horrid- is Dior even Dior anymore?

André Rodrigues says:

nao acredito que a musica original do show foi proibida de ser usada

Squizree says:

As a whole it's all very pretty. But that seems to be its weakness just as much as its strength. I still like the fairytale inspiration, but this is far too halfbaked to be interesting. Regardless, this will sell like crazy.

georgios georgiou says:

this is not Dior…sorry….boring.Dior was top of the top but now……….

Bonnie Wagner says:

the masks or whatever that is looks ridiculous.

Otis Von Rothbart says:

I'll make an exception for Dior couture this time it was on the right track to feminine beauty ♥♡♥♡

Zeynep Atasoy says:

Imagine Raf creating a collection inspired by this set.. Because she literally wasted the set with her boring, cheap Valentino looking dresses!

Antonia Turnier says:

That's Spring dream in everything, the beautiful fabrics, the accessories, the stile and the background music,
but why are the models so colorless and without happiness?

FanBale D says:

Name of the song please 5:55

Мишель Скарили says:

да. платья диор и валентино перемешались на первый взгляд. но отличия есть.

Usman Maraj says:

I hope the same does not happen to Versace when Donatella is gone, like it did to Dior when they quit Galliano.

Jonathan BongLover says:

She wont last long… especially rolling out these obnoxious valentino repetitions.. Im really shocked and disgusted that the dior management is cool with her sending out something thats pretty much what she did at valentino, just a bit more frumpy…. This house needs a big name from someone young to set a new vision or if they arent young someone like walter van beirendonck to make this irrelevant fashion brand back into a relevant fashion house haha #makediorgreatagain

Usman Maraj says:

Oh my, just bring back Galliano and make him fix this mess!!!

ThomasDolce says:

Obviously she brought the pre-designs from Valentino, and just switched the labels. I am fucking grieved for the death of Dior, one of my ever best loved.

BrodeurBear says:

The more I look at this the more I love it, and I started out hating it too. The Dior is in the details btw, saying this is not Dior just reveals your lack of knowledge about the real clothing.

Marcello Ranzani says:

Più emozionante la scenografia degli abiti,mi sembra di vedere una sfilata creata per Valentino

rosess s says:

i really like this

paul azzi says:

This is a very big step away from what Ralph was doing or John Gallinano, but my god if you want to talk about elegance and sophistication its in this collection. I absolutely adore this collection! The clothes are beautiful and the set is phenomenal. This is what Dior is about, honouring women and their beauty not distorting their beauty. One critique and I think its very important…White models? More women of different nationalities please Maria.

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