Christian Dior | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015 Full Show | Exclusive

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Christian Dior | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2015 by Raf Simons | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Exclusive Video – Widescreen)

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NoUse ForAname says:

i wanne cry for joy ART IN FASHION FASHION IN ART 

Jonathan BongLover says:

This is by far his worst haute couture show iv ever seen… I can’t find
nothing intellectual about eastern European prostitutes in tacky
jumpsuits…. Is this mass sort of ready to wear none inspiring or special
so called couture the future of haute couture? If so I dont think its worth
seeing…… This is what happens when big groups own once great fashion

Bridget Yorke says:

FINALLY FABULOUS!!!!!! Amazing!!!! Took him time but finally he is
flowering, such visual pleasure, so modern, so clever, loved it!!!

Danilo Ramos says:

“200 Hours Later…The Incredible Journey Of This Dior Couture Dress” >>>

Dimitri C. H. says:

Awkward look between Sidney Toledano and Nathalie Portman about Raf’s
girls. Even them don’t understand his work HAHA ! Unbelievable jumpsuits,
skirts, dresses & plissés Raf Simons, but it’s too cold, too strong and so
intellectual that it can’t be the haute-couture of Christian Dior. Try to
put in some love, some feelings & a bit of femininity.

NB : pourquoi cette idiote de Clotilde Coureau est TOUJOURS au premier rang
bordel ? Elle est mauvaise actrice et n’a ni style ni beauté aucune, qu’on
la laisse à l’entrée Bon Dieu ! 

Nikolaï Georgiev says:

I got some miu miu ss15 feel by some of the looks

Derek Torres-Pruitt says:


Danilo Ramos says:

About couture, Angelo Flaccavento makes a good analysis:

Damian Rhea says:

haute couture?… dismal. a few silhouettes are faithful to the house of
CD. more intellectual than the pop-trash galliano. 

Qs_Pung says:

ok ,actually I just want to point out my view . Haute Couture is depending
on their ‘detail’ , ‘hard works’ and ’embellishment’. I am one of the
Chanel fans although I am a boy . I loves what Karl does , Chanel is really
nice but it can’t jump out from the box . What Coco said “Fashion Passes ,
Style Remains” . Yes ! Chanel really remains their style . I love Raf’s
design and idea of contrast color , you can’t see any this kind of color in
any Haute Couture Collection , they always use , pale pink , white , pale
blue and use embroidery or pearl to embellish their Haute Couture . SO ,
Raf is really a Rad Man .

David Wright says:

Incredible textiles and use of embellishment. Exciting, modern and
fearless, bold colour combinations. 

michael montes-para says:

C’ est un hommage à COURREGES, pas à la Maison Dior intellectualisé par un
styliste qui a décidé de coupé tous les ponts avec ce qu’ à pu être la
Maison Dior. C’ est réussi, c’ est froid, c’est glacial. Çà n’est pas la

Chris Zaghi says:

Just when I was about to give Raf Simons a chance, he makes this… Nothing
in this show correlates with one another, the patterns make little to no
sense, and the jumpsuits are horrid. The show just makes no sense what so
ever. I see no singular inspiration or theme, and any theme or inspiration
you do manage to find, seems as if it was recycled from a previous show
(for example, those dresses that cut off mid calf that Raf has presented
multiple times in past collections) In the end, the only pieces I can
really admire are the translucent / embroidered raincoats and the foot
wear. Nothings else remarkable, new or even exciting. 

Alberto Velazco says:

Haute couture??????? Nada q ver lo unico padre fueron las botas xq lo demas
esta horrible y nada q ver con Dior creo q Christian Dior a dejado de ser
la marca de Feminidad y lujo q las mujeres sueñan esto es horrible aburrido
y lentejuelas las encuentras en cualquier prenda y en cualquier tienda

Jennifer daar says:

I actually really liked this! I didn’t like the jumpsuits at the beginning
but after that it surprised me how nice the dresses were! THE BOOTS ARE

NoteAndroid says:

Confusing runway irrigation system. I want the classic 1950’s cat walk to
show off the collection itself, not the buyers and editors dodging the iron
pipes while trying to snap a selfie.

cantusee1 says:

This collection was nice and modern but haute couture? nahh… I think that
this is more ready to wear than haute couture. If I was rich i could not
see myself spending $80,000 and up on any of these dresses. They are really
fun and modern but I think it needs just a bit more 

Edu T. says:

eu nunca sei direito se eu gostei da coleção que o raf fez pra dior. já vi
coleções melhores dele, mas também já vi piores, então essa fica na média.
mas uma coisa é certa, os cenários são incríveis.

Optimo Music says:

The second track (4:34) is Hadron Collider by Rita Furstenhof, out later
this year on Optimo Music.

Jamie Khan says:

Might be his worst yet

Kate Mogollón Agreda says:

it’s funny how people spread hate to Raf but look what Karl did to Chanel
lmao…not a fan of this collection in particular…the bodysuits (??) but
c’mon! those boots give me life! Chanel was boring and predictable as fuck.
Anyway, i love Raf’s work in general, including menswear, wich is his best.

Chanel S says:

I personally love this collection Raf did a great job! I love the intricate
detailing on the dresses and the little touch of femininity while being
modern and forward and those periwinkle boots love <333 

Bryan Kagenveama Jr says:

The Models are hideous! The Clothes are fabulous! Finally, not a copycat
collection! Stunning!

petrito zezus says:

Really Pret-A-Porter-ish & The Stairs, The Scenery, So Distracting &
Uncomfortable. You Can Also Spot The Awkwardness On The Seated People

Ismail Meziani says:

Christian Dior without John Galiano is Lost. Sorry, bring back Galiano,

spicchiodiluna says:

O oh le tutine di Heather Parisi anni 80

carliani mosqueda says:

At least dior wasn’t boring like versace but no even one black model I had
never seen that many white in my life. Didn’t like those big dresses

deemarazuq deema says:

Actually I just liked some of the jumpsuits , I’m so excited for Elie Saab
fashion show 

Valentina Remy says:

I love all the ideas here, but this is not haute couture!! This is super
great but not haute costure, im sorry.

Cashmere Lace says:

Watch the +Christian Dior Spring 2015 Couture show, featuring one of the
coolest sets you’ll ever see!

#Dior #PFW #Couture #CoutureWeek #fbloggers #runway

Walter Heape says:

What is this music? I’ve tried looking it up. Help? ALL of it.

Teddy Liong says:

Dior haute couture made from best fabrics quality and handmade, Raf Simons
also a genius in fashion world. But I think 80% looks visually look like
ready to wear. Love the boots!!!

Daniel Gilligan says:

cold clinical dull, Raf you need to start showing us some passion some art
some show otherwise what is the point of Haute Couture. It should inspire 

Ismail Meziani says:

I’m Sorry but this is not HAUTE COUTURE.

Alexander Espinal says:

Where have I seen those vinyl coats before?

champ kongoun says:

It s nice! But it is Raf brand. It’s not dior

dilo tack says:


Kate Mogollón Agreda says:

and stop talking about Galliano…even the industry don’t give a single
fuck about his return leading Margiela. his work was good while it last.
period. get over it.

Tanvir Ahmed says:

Another boring collection of Dior :/

Jules Césure says:

I need that music !

joshcka says:


Anyone know the soundtrack?

Joubaier Joubert says:

Raf Knocked it out of the BALL PARK HE BLEW ME AWAY 

Alvaro Moreno says:

Es fantástico una maravilla

j deacon Setiawan says:

Heavy breathing..!!

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