Christian Dior – Haute Couture – Spring Summer 2012

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jrn44 says:

When did “hideously goofy” suddenly become high fashion? Do you people really fail to see how ridiculous these outfits look?

geekINuptown says:

classic runway show. love.

gagahead1 says:

Who is at 3:47?

cutie5965 says:

Karlie karlie I love you

Tuck Burnette says:

This is a great Dior show with Cameron Diaz in the front row. Even if you don’t watch it, just the song on the backdrop is enough to have it stream.

Aarti Jagmohansingh says:

These pieces are so gorgeous!

Camila Cestari says:

Cameron dias is watching too!!

jclaude wong says:

wow! karlie walks stunning

FrozenThorns says:

Beautiful show. I can’t get over Karlie’s opening walk..she is truly a model. Amazing!!

McAdam Steiner says:

The song is called, Under you spell, by Desire.

TheTeenagedarling says:

i always come back to watch this because karlie gives me chills

kevin ogorek says:

song was used in the movie Drive

gzogt says:

The original tracks are all by Lana del Rey. You can watch the video with the original audio at: vimeo(.)com/35634143

Husi1202 says:

18:49 <3

Husi1202 says:

13:53 love !

aitortwoo says:

Desire – Under Your Spell

Calvin Dempster says:

Does anyone know this song? what is the original?

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