Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2004 | Backstage

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Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2004 | Backstage | Paris, July 6, 2004 | Good Quality (GQ)

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Amad Jones says:

Lol GAG!

Nicholas Romanov says:

Okay, the words haute couture legally are garments completely hand made in Paris, not torture chambers, people can make whatever they please, after all they’re name will be in the garment, or whatever deceased designers name is still being used to sell clothes made by another.

signorefandi says:

Contemporary? You definitely need to know -scratch that- understand the meaning of haute couture. It’s all about freedom of ideas, bravery to dream. Some people dream simple and flat, and maybe using your word, comforting. But some others, who dared to dream wild, are having wild and extravagant imagination. It’s a laboratory of fashion. Anything can happen. Everything is allowed. Underlining that is IS couture, it’s not about wether people are buying it or not. Read books, darling. Learn more.

anibal ticuis says:


Derrode Rowe says:

NEVER! Hes not Galliano

VsFashionHolic says:

One of the Best Dior Couture show Ever!

kiwiteddi says:

okay enough repeating ur words, go home

Amad Jones says:


Danilo Ramos says:

People who sacrifice by “love fashion” is something symptomatic. Many oppose the work that has been performing Raf Simons at Dior, but i see that there is beauty face clothes couture taking into account the real needs of modern women. Galliano was too much theatrical.

kiwiteddi says:

suffering? think well? what the hell?
those immaculate dresses and pieces of art are made for the classy, rich, luxurious women around the world and i’ve seen some of these in real world not only the runway, people who are passionate to fashion and couture.

christianzhel says:

excuse me, it’s 2004 and it’s couture

Danilo Ramos says:

These women to look good, are suffering and are unable to think well. It’s terrible! This show, like so many other of mr. Galliano for Dior, although is technically spectacular, do not provide the contemporary woman the freedom and comfort due.

Emmanuel Cervantes says:

When will Raf ever do this?

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