Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2018-2019

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Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018 2019 Full Womenswear Runway Fashion Show Collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri

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Elegant Pooshay says:

where's Galliano when ya need him?( ̄□ ̄;)

Shovuth Men says:

Lebanese designers are the best

Divesh Vijayanandakumar says:

Pretty and wearable.
Not memorable

semanova says:

They should rename this house as Diorentino.

owlislike says:

I thought this was a beautiful show. Haute Couture does not HAVE to be grandiose and dramatic. It can be beautifully tailored and accessible clothing too.

Nicki L says:

Much better than the past collections! Now this is more Dior!

Joseph Lolin says:

Viva Armani!! am I right? I see Armani collection here.

Tom Kissel says:

These clothes are beautiful. This is real fashion, not crazy costumes. This is wearable, flattering clothing. That is what real fashion is about. Clothes made to make women more beautiful. Soft, feminine, beautifully tailored. Love it. Wish all collections could be so respectful and flattering to women. Excellent!

Wee Ann Lim says:

Very pretty and timeless

MarySmithsonAbrogar says:

I like it. I really do like it. It is like going back to the quintessential forms and textures of haute couture: the clean and austere lines, the minimal embroideries and the absence of dramatic elements that will make a dress too "theatrical and operatic" encapsulates the magnificence of the entire schemata of the collection which is all about simplicity, movement and elegance. I do not think it is "boring" (which I find quite offensive to be honest); this collection vibrates on the perspective of minimalist nuances: she is a woman of suppleness, of refinement, of elegance who possesses a quintessential "french quality", she is also a woman who is neoclassical in esprit with the absence of haughtiness and grandeur. Seriously, those who say that this is very RTW should study and do an ample amount of reading before giving any kind of "offensive and obscene" opinions for they do no really know anything about haute couture. Couture is not all about glamor but it is all about the fundamentals of expression and the viva voce of a certain age carefully interwoven with showmanship, articulation and formidable skills in the art of dressmaking

Sydney Chandler says:

Reading some of the comments, it's obvious that this designer is not well-liked. However, I think the pieces are classy and feminine. She designed this collection for women. Not how some men think women should dress. I know that ridiculously designed, wild avante garde torture pieces turns some folks on, but tons of us would simply like to see, buy and wear these types of clothes. Some of these beautiful pieces are couture designs that can go from year to year. Not everything has to be naked, half-naked with shock value to be considered haute couture.

Patrick Navoizatdautricourt says:

Chic élégant moderne féminin avec des codes reaffirmes on a envie de tout porter et pourtant je suis un homme. ……..

oscarrory says:

Note to Dior:
1. Bring back John Galliano
2. Please use better models. Bring back Eugenia, Natasha, Caroline, Mariacarla etc… Models who can model and shine in the clothing.

Bruno Lemoine says:

Simply perfect…….

Nima mor says:

Music : bird by kelly lee owens

Terry Chiu says:

Have I lost my imagination ?

александр соколов says:


Michael Arnold says:

I loved every single look!

ADamiani007 says:

Exquisite! Grant it… Every designer has their demographic group… their "client" that they are designing for. But today, what is passing for "Fashion" and "Haute Couture" is offensive to anyone that truly respects and has devoted themselves to this Industry. Over-glamorized, and overprized rags… are still… just that! These Ladies look Beautiful, Graceful… and the women that want to emulate them… will buy these clothes. Bravo…

ioanna samara says:

so sad. I didn't watced the collection cause i couldn't take my eyes of model's bones.

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