Christian Dior | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Show | Exclusive

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Christian Dior | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014/2015 by Raf Simons | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video)

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Chynna Cotaoco says:

I love the jackets, but to be honest.. Dior’s better when Galliano was
still their head designer before.
During Galliano’s time, the designs were more lively, whimsical and yet it
didn’t lost touch of Dior’s signature sophistication and elegance. But now,
looking at it, well it’s okay. But how come it feels like something is

Gio Kathleen says:

Very poor&simple collection. So far from real fashion Art. What is wrong
with Dior these days? 

ArnoldtheDestroyer says:

music is awful, totally distracting.

Mark Charlton says:

The shooooes…mhmmm How divine.

유동일 says:

beautiful !

Eric J. Labrado says:

This is the future of fashion. 

Aurora Schinetti says:

Shoes are definetely the queens of the fashion show! Absolutely stunning!

dandygirl6 says:

love the editing! 

Sheldon Williams says:

Raf has done a beautiful job with Ready To Wear but his couture is just
weird. The only collection that I have truly loved was his first couture

Tatiana Berlizova says:

Its not Dior.. no.. no.. we couldnt never hear about Dior if this
collection was in that time when he was living

Jani Matasová says:
mama Lema says:

love the coats


goodbay Chanel..Welcome Dior! the new era of Couture <3!
Finalmente le collezioni di Raf Simons hanno raggiunto la loro massima
espressività ricercatezza e freschezza. Raf Simons una spanna sopra
tutti.Sempre. Genio assoluto. ..E la scelta della canzone.. i Sonic
Youth!Adoooro <3

Reita Braich says:

Loved so many exciting things about this – fresh, subtle, feminine, modern
and luxe while remaining young. Well done – bringing Dior to today. Mr.
Simons’s brilliance goes over many heads, I think.

CupcakeStrider says:

The song is Shadow of a Doubt by Sonic Youth.

Kristina Makkinga says:

not bed fresh

Faith Marrett says:

love the show the first of Ralph’s I really enjoyed anyone know the music I
really liked it

Katerina Dourtme says:

Classic and chic with modern details!

Gonçalves Elise says:

Video de tres bonne qualite

Lily Truong says:

I hoped I could do this constructively–without attacking or criticizing
anyone–because creating and putting together a show like this must have
taken lots of effort and resources. To start off, I have to say, in my
opinion, the only focal point of this collection is those jackets. Other
than that, I am left wondering what Christian Dior’s design signature
characteristics are. I noticed in Dior’s past few collections, younger,
more relaxed cuts and silhouette are present. At the same time I felt I
wanted to see more characters that have been signature of Dior’s design. 

Brenda Quiria says:

Muitoo showw

marcia saraiva says:

Quanta delicadeza em tudo e todos.. Aplausos, minha marca de eleição M 

keezleez says:

love raf simons take on CD

sara ali says:


Destinazione Benessere says:

#ChristianDior | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Show |
Exclusive | #YouTube 

arantxa albareda says:

es espectacular!!!!!!!Para que lo diga yo!!!!!!!!Me pongo hasta nerviosa,

Brenda Quiria says:

Muitoo showw

elen a says:

who perform these songs?

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