Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010/2011 Full Show Part 1

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Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010/2011 Full Show Part 1.

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separase says:

shitty cheap costumes!!!!

Prissi20 says:

Karlie Kloss is like a leopard prying towards the camera

mrshelmab says:

die bei 5:29 sieht aus, als hätte sie sich mit einem Stück Pilz umwickelt… also ich weiß nicht, ob er damit was Bestimmtes ausdrücken wollte, aber bei mir kommts nicht an.

José Daniel Caamaño Hernández says:

who knos the sountrack?

jourdanf says:

when were you born dear? THERE is couture wearable .

Sofia Sanchez says:

i think John Galliano is over valued…..nobody remember Gianfranco Ferré ,in the last runways galliano have had a lot of influences of Ferré must haves !!

I miss Gianfrano Ferré!!

elenavlada says:

since when did couture become wearable honey?

xbleach0 says:

what? a lot of this is wearable

elenavlada says:


parishilton81NY says:

John Galliano est le meilleur createur dans tous le monde et dans toute l’histoire. Il n’y peut pas avoir une seul raison pour sa démission. Je suis vraiment frappée de tous les nouvautés, en fait, ils ne sont pas les évenements nouveaux, pourtant je ne me puis pas aider afin que je les oublies. Tous vont voir, sans Galliano, dior séra seulement un marque de luxe, non un marque de mode, qui est toujours en vogue, est qui allume et exalte les émotions en les provoquant. “Je t’adorerai sans cesse”

ringthealarm1000 says:

galliano had to go , even though he was good and i really loved his artwork , yet what he did was wrong and this is not DIOR standards so the house should work on getting someone with the same level of creativity but im sure DIOR will survive magnificently !
thier perfumes are enough to make me fall madly in love with them 🙂

Alan C. says:

3:24 Oh My God!! I had no idea that fierce walking diva was JESSICA STAM! Until she did her cutesy little girl next door pose at the end I was like…was that who I think it was…?

MaksimovaJulie says:

the show’s just amazing!!! does anybody know the name of the first song???

naseemdelan says:

robyn - hang with me

PapparazziLadyGaga says:

love the clothes,….

Nicollass2001 says:

name of the songs?

nichya11 says:

He apologized with sincereness, dior needs designers like galliano, or Dior dies with the only talent of perfume…what a shame…I will stop buying dior’s perfumes now…But won’t waste time on the nasty taylor momsen perfume…

kakaposh says:

thats why he was sent out the door!…kiding.poor galliano,a waiste of talent!

modeling4Fashion says:

I mean dior!

modeling4Fashion says:

Door needs Galliano, but what he did was wrong!

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