Christian Dior | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2006/2007 | Full Show

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Christian Dior | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2006/2007 by John Galliano | Full Fashion Show in Low Quality. (Back in Time – Exclusive Video) #Throwback

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sarahwig1 says:

This is how you walk in couture! Amazing show

jsdreamz says:

This is art

jesus martinez says:

a creative ginious. i hope he does not kill him self. love him

Weiren Loh says:

Works of Genius!

Your Mum says:

These models can walk!!

Chris Zaghi says:

let's see Vetements do this ?


this racist pig was awesome

Lucas Glamour says:

Romina Lanaro and Cecilia Mendez Supermodels Argentinas!!! And the teacher of John Galliano! Love Dior

robertldesigns says:

It's like he tried to evoke the old grandeur of Galliano and fell quite short. It was like watching the collection of a second year fashion student that was given an enormous budget. The details failed sadly. I did watch from beginning to end hoping it would get better. I didn't want to be disappointed but sadly…was.

Ticker Prince says:

I love galliano and I love raf too

pwetty4r4 says:

they don't do fashion quite like this anymore

baron2015 says:

who is the first model? love her face ?

comixdiscomix says:

Galliano Forever!!!

leonardo goez ramirez says:

Erin O'Connor 3

John Smith says:

Wow thanks. I’ve been watching this last week. Coincidence!

LSK says:

Dior is nothing without Galliano

Yan Smirnov says:

second song plz

Saurav Sharma says:

Awesome collection

Gilberto Gonzalez says:

pure ART!!! DIOR was everything with jhon.

Sarah No says:


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