Christian Dior Haute Couture Backstage 2011/2012

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FrozenThorns says:

Who are the models at :29 and 1:55?

I LOVE this! The dresses are beautiful, the hair and make up is stunning…Thank you for uploading this.

Also, I love Karlie’s eyebrows.

Rufus Swiss says:

Maria Kashleva
Martha Streck
Maryna Linchuk
Melissa Tammerijn
Monika Jac Jagaciak
Nimue Smit
Olga Sherer
Sigrid Agren
Yulia Kharlapanova

Rufus Swiss says:

Christian Dior Haute Couture S/S 2011 (Paris)

Agnete Hegelund
Alina Baikova
Angela Lindvall
Carolin Loosen
Caroline Brasch-Nielsen
Daphne Groeneveld
Frida Gustavsson
Georgina Stojiljkovic (C)
Ginta Lapina
Iekeliene Stange
Joan Smalls
Juju Ivanyuk
Julia Saner
Karlie Kloss (O)
Karmen Pedaru
Karolina Kurkova
Keke Lindgard
Kim Noorda
Laura Blokhina
Lee Hye Jung
Lindsey Wixson
Liu Wen
Magdalena Frackowiak

Rufus Swiss says:

thank you !!

KAWORU2123 says:

Frida Gustavsson 😉

Rufus Swiss says:

who is the model at 2:58 ? thank you .

jclaude wong says:

the hair style is beautiful I wonder how to done that

savethewatt says:

Monika Jagaciak is so beautiful

cejudadelorto says:

aw one of my favorites! this was a really amazing collection, the skirts on the dresses, the aesthetics, the femininity, delicacy and overall cuteness of this couture collection was just heartwarming

kimdkus says:

Those models are so very beautiful.

luis morales says:

So beautiful!!!!

iheartchoo2 says:

All the designs Dior is putting out have elements copied from Galliano’s work. Getting rid of him was the worst move they could have possibly made, he was a true genius.

lwtan90 says:

the best show to date in CD… the peak…

GiantCradle says:

Thank you! 🙂 How about the soundtrack at 2:23?

KAWORU2123 says:

Georgina Stojiljkovic!

Pj Lewis says:

Agree completely! I wasnt to be your neighbor if you do find a way to “live in that video”

Pj Lewis says:

Fantastic!!!!! As a make up artist & former Dior rep. I was on the edge of my seat!

MissLarali says:

What’s the make up? X

Paola Eduardo says:

Omg this is so glamorous!! I also want to live in that video!!

christianrgartrell says:

I wanna live in that video

GiantCradle says:

Who’s the last model walking?

Lucifer Tran says:

Who’s the guy at 1:47 and 1:53?

beingscouted says:

I would do anything to walk in this show.

Lucifer Tran says:

not really

Lucifer Tran says:

no she’s not

fleurde100 says:

Best collection of galliano from “christian dior” house…

lncomplete says:

Julia saner is the best.

Юлия Витюгова says:

Amanda Jenssen — Our Time

Tom P says:

2:20 i think there the two most beautiful models in the show!!!! but there all so gorgeous!!

dionisio garcia says:

after galliano there is a big space left

KAWORU2123 says:

Ginta Lapina ;)

more mika says:

which model is at 0:50 ???

tzybao says:

Julia Saner is so cute

Axel Balsan says:

I miss the COUTURE in Dior. I wonder what DIOR is going to do this Couture ! I am so excited to see !

Blackwish92 says:

so jealous of those guys in the backstage 😀

KAWORU2123 says:

Prospero’s Magic by Michael Nyman (accelerated version)

Diego Cadena says:

1:21 Music ?’

facilito088 says:

and the fall winter 2011-2012

AnteoTesila says:

this is the last magic show in the Christian Dior history

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