Christian Dior Haute Couture 2000 Spring Summer (Full)

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Audio and video image belongs to the copyright holder(s). I do NOT claim any rights on them. Please enjoy one of most controversial Haute Couture shows of Jo…

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genderalien says:

absolutely wonderful. do you happen to have the fall 2000 couture show? that’s one i’ve always wanted to see.

billybuzy says:

wow great, please. Galliano fans drooling 🙂

Ricardo Mt says:

I am about to presence one of the most iconic collections by Galliano for Dior. Wow.

billybuzy says:

anyone know the song during 07:30

orgonono says:

Thank you. One of the most interesting Dior collections. This is the original homeless chic. Do you happen to have the fall 00 collection, the S&M one? 

billybuzy says:

Love it

ChL0426 says:

Thank you so much!!!!

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