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I’m back with another fragrance unboxing! This time I reveal the Christian Dior Gris Dior in the adorable 40 ml size which is new for the brand. Also the Christian Dior Privee Perfume collection of exclusives is now rebranded “Maison Christian Dior!.

Let me know what you think of this line and check out the links below:

Gris Dior (at the moment 40ml is only available in the boutiques and not online)

Patchouli Imperial

Balade Sauvage

Maison Christian Dior

Christian Dior Discovery set of minatures

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Caught Me Slippin' says:

I've just received Santal Noir in 40ml. I LOVE this bottle size. Santal Noir is a great scent as well. Really superb. Subscribed from another West Midlander!

Nadine says:

I just found your chanel and I really like it. What do you work it? do you have instagram?

mikka m says:

Good to know, as I love La Colle Noire, but could never justify the full bottle. Enjoy your gift 🙂

Coco says:

Your best friend was so kind to purchase the fragrance for you. I would love to see your fragrance collection, as well as the candle collection…lol. What do you use on your skin? It's so pretty. ☺️

Lindsay Millett says:

How much does the 40 ml cost?

Styled4Life says:

Hoping to try it. I'm using my Sisley Eau Du Soir, and Jo malone this summer. Thanks to your recent review my SA from Hermes sent me samples of the Essence perfumes. I would love to try the Dior Privee line. Thanks for sharing.

K B says:

You always so look so lovely!

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