“Christian Dior” Full Show HD Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture Paris by FashionChannel

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“Christian Dior” Full Show HD Spring Summer 2013 Haute Couture Paris by FashionChannel second show for Raf Simons who has been at the helm of Maison Dior for two seasons.

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Cosplay Siren says:

This is such a sad collection, it is boring and plain and almost put me to

lola run says:

people still craving for john creation, fashion industry hasn’t ready to
lose john creativity, that is why people doesn’t see dior in bright future

Stephen Nagy says:

Also, people need to stop saying “john needs to be back” and this
collection “wasnt dior at all” like shut up. I loved John too, but he got
fired for a good reason, so hush. And it’s not like all of Johns
collections were totally the Dior aesthetic, jesus… it’s about taking the
signature of the brand and putting your own twist on it, which both John
and Raf have done. Raf makes stunning clothes and so does John, but stop
hating on Raf and praising Joh like hes a damn god. Thanks.

XCVXVI says:

I didn’t really like it… Then I was more into the xx playing than the show

Thu Hien Dang says:

I agree that this collection doest not have the over the top factor, but
for a menswear guy like Raf, I think he has done very well and stay trie to
the Dior spirit. Flowers, dreamy, romantic and absolute feminine

Gabriel Álvarez says:

Some dresses are soooo boring and even ugly.

lola run says:

the only peer pressure here is the people who forced others into thinking
this collection was good

Kim Trinh says:

Song name?!

cam tre says:

This collection sucks! It made no sense. And is not cohesive at all. Plus
this song is sooooo annoying! They really couldn’t find a different song to
play? Lameeeee

Bookingwithbritney says:

The song is Angels- The XX

muchbanter29 says:

Boring, dior lost its glamour when it sacked its showman, has never been
able to match or exceed gallianos glamour since

Max Wong says:


iaswn P. says:

i havent seen ugliest models in my whole life,ridiculous. as for the
dresses… rofl

Reginald Davs says:

I thought the collection was wearable. I mean Dior really needs John back,
but this collection was visually pleasant!

Benz Traiwanatam says:

When there are no John Galliano and Karlie, it’s not Dior anymore.

lilmissvix92 says:

I actually loved it… the makeup was totally new to me. Galliano was the
shizzle but this wasnt as bad as everyone claims. I think you say it is so
bad because of peer pressure…

Vladimir Kozlovsky says:

it looks like Dior 2011 F/W but less beautiful

Gabriel Lima says:

first music this ANGELS-THEXX

Lilia96 says:


Andreas Siu Liang says:

what a boring show…no drama at all

wadchulukinat says:

I’m sorry, as much as I try to appreciate Raf’s vision, there is nothing
Dior about the collection. The pieces weren’t always exciting, but they
needn’t be boring. The look at 7:29 just looks like a black dress with
condoms stuck on.

stefanos erotokritou says:

are you supposed to be funny?

Ahmad Ayyash says:

i thought these looks were great. it’s very simple and not over the top.
any women can wear this without causing a lot of attention. and all the
songs that they put up are custom made just for them. but i do believe the
singer is one of the members of The Xx. they’re a great band.

Jazmine Berry says:

Where did they find all these 12 year old boys at? Lol

OrmondTheMagnificent says:

Wow….totally disappointed…

wong sarah says:


Ariel franco says:

la mejor de todos color diseño elegancia y comoda

Stephen Nagy says:

This collection was such a dream. The gowns at the end were absolutely
stunning and this really felt like Dior magic garden.

Max Bingham says:

Beautiful clothes totally creative but still extremely wearable love the
song does anyone know who’s it by

lola run says:

got fired for a good reason? the owner of dior is jewish, so it’s not for a
good reason, raf was good but no better than john

janet king says:

angels by the xx

Matt Denison says:


taykh says:

I love this setup. Beautiful.

Vienna Nguyen says:

Almost fell asleep several times…thats how boring this collection was

Limapoel says:

Eeeew !

Lania99999 says:

Dying for the gown at 8:42-it’s just heaven!!

Iqra Hassan says:


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