CHRISTIAN DIOR Full Show Fall 2015 Haute Couture Paris by Fashion Channel

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CHRISTIAN DIOR Full Show Fall 2015 Haute Couture Paris by Fashion Channel

The garden of earthly delights: a vision of innocence and experience, simplicity and luxury, beauty and decadence
through the eyes of Flemish and French masters of both art and craft. In the Autumn-Winter Haute Couture collection,
Raf Simons, Artistic Director of Christian Dior, looks to the Old Masters of Flemish painting and to the artisanal masters of haute couture to provide a synthesis of historical form, technique and artistic gesture to arrive at the point
of today.

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ahmad fitri says:

I hope that they would end his contract soon, and would allow him to develop his talent somewhere else..and have Galliano back… sad that they had to rely on A listers such as Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna to sell their product these days…

ahmad fitri says:

Raf Simons is not the right fit to Dior. I agree that he is genius, but his aesthetics are not  well aligned with Dior. This collection for instance, deviated from Dior collection that we grew up and fell in love with, I mean, clean cut, minimalism as what was projected from Raf Simon's latest collection is just…not Dior… we miss the grandiose and oh my Dior! reaction when we saw Galliano's, Gianfranco Ferre's, or even Saint Laurent's…..

arri bya says:

no aircon?

Matt Frazier says:

Couture? While the clothes may have met the criteria to be called couture, the quality looks like a ready to wear collection. The models look ill. I miss Galliano.

I will say the music was cool though.

Hannah Lin says:

this is not dior its shame to see it is disappearing

Sofia Mechetner says:

Thank you very much everybody, for everything you done!

Andre Isis says:

technically it's brilliant, but that is expected when vuitton has the know-how..but the style is riffimg on karl's unwearable shapes at chanel.

Andre Isis says:

totally unwearable clothes unless you are invited to king arthur's round table or lazy hippie party in the 60s. plus lose a lot of weight.

Bob Capel says:

Veeeeery long collection but…where is Dior?

Costantino Rosoni says:

this collection of Dior haute couture I liked so much.
the designer has finally realized the emblem of masson Dior with capit excessively over and heads with a narrow waist but with his touch and his style (bright colors).

I am a student of fashion and style to Dior I always liked since its first clothes. I think the designer who best knew how to interpret the style Dior was John Galliano, he was and is the king of couture

dorota malicka (adv) says:

Christina Dior Fall 2015 Haute Couture Paris

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