“CHRISTIAN DIOR” Full Show Autumn Winter 2013 2014 Paris by Fashion Channel

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“CHRISTIAN DIOR” Full Show Autumn Winter 2013 2014 Paris by Fashion Channel A cultured designer with a true passion for art, Raf Simons weaves a thread that …

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lola run says:


lollipopfop says:

You must go to an amazing Walmart. Go find me a terrific 1940’s style dress like those anywhere. I personally can’t wait to wear that new straight slim mid calf hemline skirt or dress, these being especially cool because of the side slit.

lollipopfop says:

Its so funny how you always get these nonsense posts. There is an amazing point of view here. You may not like it, but the below the knee hemline is very new and very exciting. So are the pops of cartoon graphics.


great stuff-great fashion-great soundtrack- j’adore-big up raf

221ik says:

I Am confused with mister Gaytten. How can he produce such a wonderful Galliano collection but fail at Dior?

Marie Curtin says:

Nobody understood the warhol/surrealist reference here? Some people are so stuck in the past, they aren’t willing to accept change. a pity..

miguel martínez says:

I loved it.

cyril benavides says:

the set saved the collection. aren’t those huge balloons looks so lovely on a sky print floor?

caefle says:

awfull sound

CECIMEOW198 says:

I guess you can also find some similar pieces  in Walmart…

KAWORU2123 says:


Max Wong says:

Another garbage collection..

danharleyphotography says:

cool vid!

you guys will probably dig the Paris Fashion Week video on our channel…we shot it last weekend & i think it’s the 1st ever Paris Fashion Week Street Catwalk!

there’s an amazing scene at 2:05 where we teamed up with a Parisien street dancer who’s spinning so fast he looks like he’s about to take-off!

Joshua Soberanes says:

your haircut’s awful…

Sefa Bulut says:

really, the worst collection I’ve ever seen

Anyssa Chorvat says:

Bring back John! None of Raf’s collections have any flow or consistency!

Adrian Dana says:


seanzscorpio says:

What a mess the music is… What a mess this collection is. Is there anything else left in Dior? :S

AndeverGG says:

I totally agree.

Nicole Torres says:

i’m sorry to be this forward, but wtf are these noises? so odd something about a dog increasing weight and a vet, what the hell Raf?

Nicole Torres says:

this one might not be so good but check out the spring summer 2013 or the haute coture 2013 collection, they are really nice

Luis Alvarado says:

Love christian dior but really was not a fan of this show the stage is great but the background noises withe the music is odd . Feels like a robot talking in the back. Also the clothes are impeccably made but didnt bring a point of view .. It was lackluster

beaugella says:


niky1189 says:

love the music/background sounds!

billybuzy says:

those wool layers added are also rather lacking in aesthetic

billybuzy says:

some parts of the skirt of clothes look very sudden, not cohesive to the entire look
also,shoes are ugly.
simply embroiding some printing and figures look very ill-techniqued for a house like DIOR

alejo leon says:

miss the drama

MiyaSamaCo says:

This is getting rather embarrasing… Fire Raf Simons! A fashion novice or student can do a lot better than this.

petrito zezus says:

So True!

ismael rodriguez sierra says:

aburrido ….. repetido y no hay caso ; CD no se a donde va . Algunos detalles eran repetidos de otras temporadas o clecciones. No cuenta una historia y los bordados de zapatos me matoooo

k3arle says:

boriiiiiiiiiiiiiing… luckily that this beautiful set is here

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