“CHRISTIAN DIOR” Fashion Show Spring Summer 2014 Paris HD by Fashion Channel

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nwelch1001 says:

Notice how lots of people are watching the show with sunglasses on… How the fuck are u gonna get a true sense of the colours if u’r wearing shades!! Pretentious assholes

nwelch1001 says:

Shut up u wanker

Kassem Cherry says:

For a second I thought that I had watched this before….

laviaslavic1 says:

@CeciLOVEtaco I agree

Archi Zoom says:

no its just very racist. fashion is evidently white supremacist, its all over the face. lets not sugarcoat reality. they hire a few more asian models now cause they hope they can permeate china, korea, japan, malaysia etc and the black models are hired as decoys. they would happily put up nazi parades if they could just get away with it. i’m a brown eyed naturally tanned person and fashion tells me i’m a second rate human being

Archi Zoom says:

i feel the same way about Jil sander coincidentally. Jil sander without raf simons is no good anymore

Archi Zoom says:

yeah i don’t know what to say. he went from brilliant to repetitive suddenly when he joined dior. his work for jil sander was to die for which is why they hired him hoping he would do it for them too.

Archi Zoom says:

actually the problem that i have with this is that his ideas were almost too fresh and too many. it didn’t feel like a whole and the world is unprepared for this. the cutting and the finishing touches are immaculate and he’s kind of famous for it so. the fitting i’m sure is how he wanted it to be. he obviously works with assistant designers and professional seamstresses. simons puts a little touch of awkwardness in everything he does and thats nice but here he just completely over did it

dorcas de lourdes faustino luciano says:

gosto muito de desfile de moda

Carducci1959 says:

A disastrous collection, nothing fresh about it at all, horrendous ideas and horrendous cutting, and proportions.

gianna victoria says:

me as well

gianna victoria says:

I am thinking the exact same thing!

gianna victoria says:

what fresh hell is this?

ceciLOVEtaco says:

No fun at all…… I must say Dior without Galliano doesn’t interest me anymore!

misterkiller89 says:

If I see one more black Dior BAR suit..I’m gonna flip a table.

m dl says:

And I agree with you as well. Galliano was brilliant, but it is not just not wearable (for the most part). Editorials, coffee table books, museums and stage or film are great for those designs, but even for a very wealthy cosmopolitan person they are not wearable, only models with lots of practice can pull it off. Ferre was completely commercial, however the architectural past he had gave his designs interest and structure while still remaining easy to wear.

Tocqueville says:

I am sad to say it but after some collections it is fair to admit that IT DOES NOT WORK. It is not bad but let’s face it, this is not working. I hope the designer and the Maison can find a way, a vision, to make Dior what it deserves to be. Good luck!

Alvin Ridel says:

Not as good as his work for Jil Sander, but very wearable, nice use of colors, nice cut, and very interesting details, commercial & creative, what else ? For those who complain about diversity, no need to cast a half of black and asian models… It’s very representative of the Dior’s customers

dwmmu2011 says:

Raf Simons has one of the hardest jobs in Fashion, period. Having to navigate & map his own route within the brand is tough. The pressure of directing a global brand must weigh heavy on his shoulders. He is starting to make his mark & I enjoyed the elements of risking taking that have begun to emerge. The Dior shaping was still strong but now looking cool, modern and lighter. Behind the scenes the powers that be just need to take a deep breath, a leap of faith and let Raf go for it!

OrmondTheMagnificent says:

Agree with you 100%. Ferre and YSL were my favorites of the post-1957 Dior designers. (The fashion press threw shade at Ferre because his designs were more commercial and he cried all the way to the bank). Galliano is a genius but those clothes belonged in museums and in coffee table books. I give Raf kudos for at least making Dior wearable again; he’s growing on me, though. With every collection he gives me a little more than the previous one.

Tarcyo Levi says:

Eu confesso q também não sou fã de Raf Simons,mas preciso concordar que ele fez um excelente desfile.Vimos bastante flores que compõem tradicionalmente o caráter da Dior mostradas de uma forma mais moderna.Vários New looks incorporados tanto em vestidos como em conjuntos de camisa e calça.Para nossa tristeza a moda do começo dos anos 2000 não é a mesma de 2013.Hoje em dia está em primeiro plano que a roupa venda e receba uma excelente crítica.

m dl says:

It was fine, some nice pieces, some interesting pieces, some wrecks managed to make it to the catwalk as well, but I’m not very crazy about the trend from any designer so far. It is at least wearable considering Galliano made unrealistic designs that were only attractive for show not real life and this is a business. I still think Ferre, who seems all but forgotten was a master at Dior, and by far better than either, but that’s my opinion. Fashion should be fun, but wearable.

Pedro Juárez Santos says:

Better than anything Galliano ever did.

Alberto Nuñez says:

The best Of Dior… No matter what they say, thank´s Raf! 🙂

Mark crownm says:


walvarez19 says:

Same boring designs, just in different fabrics. Oh wait… That’s what dior calls “house codes.” Let’s all buy another bar jacket… Again

Wats Faschion says:

Garish color and proportion when dealing with anything that isn’t the bar jacket (besides the last pass which were the standouts of his 2013 Dior Couture show in metallics….that shows insecurity) Dior was a romantic….there was no romance here…not even a viewer and vision romance.

Guillermo Laviere says:

music of the 4′ please I love it!

Guillermo Laviere says:

the music of 4′ please I love it

bac1881 says:

I agree. They only casted the 2 mixed race (AKA token) girls Simone Carvalho, Mariana Santana just not be labelled as racist.

In reality the casting agents Maida & Rami, Raf and executives at Dior/LVMH don’t like that non white buys their fashion pieces, makeup, fragrances.

Viran Joseph Peter says:

WTF???????? Playing Martin Garrix at a Dior show???? Disappointing!!!

Hassan Slimane says:

moi j ai bien aimer je trouve que y avait de la recherche et un melange de matiere interessant la seul chose qui ma deranger c la musicde ballet
mais sinon c une belle colection

jimmyjk08 says:

i loved and still love Galliano’s Dior days. but i think raf will be just as great or even better as he was at Jil.

jimmyjk08 says:

Zac has no idea about modernity as he constantly makes classic boring ballgowns which is so distant from innovation and quite old and dated in style…not what Dior needs, Raf is just getting into the swing of things at Dior, at Jil he had more freedom, but Dior is such a bigger brand and he has much more of an important job. Remember the first few collection Raf did at Jil?. it was quite strict as he was getting settled!. i think he’s doing a great job. this was more him! just give him time.

modeling4Fashion says:

he gets a LOT of hate, but to me, Raf perfectly impersonate Christian himself in a more modern way.

SuperPloplop says:

humm look at what sells…. and sells because they open 20 boutiques per year! If the quantity is an argument to sell the quality, then I guess we could say McDonald is gourmet because it sells a lot! I just think he is brave but it alway looks like a mess, too many ideas too many things going on each outfit is a new message, at the end it just gives any message… it’s a bit try hard… it reminds me Galliano at hi debuts…

afrik88 says:

im sorry but im still not convinced that raf is the designer Dior needs, he was better where he was at jil Sander, yes i understand that John messed up but he was so much better by miles, Galliano is a genius and need to be back in the fashion scene! i kno its too late for him but i suggest that they replace raf with Zac posen

Axel Ivan Mendotza Gonzalez Snz says:

Blablabla… If we change the music to Beyonce, change the title to Dior Spring 2014 by John Galliano, put some tacky makeup, 25 black girls & Karlie Kloss opening & closing the show I bet all those Galliano brainwashed would be giving glory to the collection. Deal with this, Galliano is over & Raf is selling this art pieces like pancakes all over the world.

Henky S says:

FUCK Dior Fuck Galliano Fuck you all haters RAF IS THE NEW BLACK IN FASHION and if you want to see pink Go somwhere elles FASHION IS IVOLUTION NOT PRETTY DRESSES AND DREAMS JACKETS BUT IVOLUTION THAT IS FASHION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



KooshieAlmond says:

that was one hot mess.

grfanaticolympi2 says:

hermoso! :’) <3

saavstories says:

Wooow i almost screamed when i saw Vlada Roslyakova !! walking like such a pro… great collection

deontyk says:

most boring model cast as usual. except few i think they cant afford more high fashion models since the decline of dior after galliano left. or what is wrong.

Joshua Soberanes says:

chicest bass drop ever

Eliott Papaïs says:

C’est indigne de Dior. John Galliano faisait du meilleur travail.

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