Christian Dior Fall/Winter 1998/99 Haute Couture Show ft Linda Evangelista & Carmen Kass | FashionTV

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Rakim8 says:

She didn’t do show.

Anu Kottur says:

its amazing. tacky is cheap…this is rich in colour and design.

Anu Kottur says:

where do I get this song?

King Haute says:

oh my god yes!!! ive been looking for that show too!!!
but i can never find it.

Pedro Juárez Santos says:

Nobody does tacky like Galliano…

CatoCensor100 says:

Linda is always the most gorgeous and naturally elegant model. Every woman disappears next to her!!

Anu Kottur says:

where do I find this song…its tooooooo sexy

Anu Kottur says:

48seconds is fabulous Linda Evangelista…where is Carre Otis?

ImanniShows says:

You can call glorified costumes those presented at the carnival.This is art that is worn by those who dare. Haute couture has little to do with fashion and trends and does not matter how short a show is is always worth the creativity of the designer from the pieces itself to music,sets,special effects and models who help it look a dream in which some are lucky enough to live.

bernie rothschild says:

Dont u have the epic spring 1998 couture?

hamma red says:

where is linda evangelista ?

orgonono says:

These clothes are more than costumes, They are elaborate pieces of art to be admired in museums

voluntaiosoleil says:

Love that most of models here, had equally zoomed. nice editing. Thanks fashiontv. <3

Logan Wu says:

Yes, I do. That way it’s more of a SHOW and more worth watching. Otherwise, what is the point of watching it in person? Why not just stay at home and watch it on a screen?

fashiontvLibrary says:

Do you wish fashion had more theatricality?

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