Christian Dior | Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive Video

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Christian Dior | Fall Winter 2014/2015 by Raf Simons | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen — Exclusive Video/PFW)

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Helen Mccoy says:

I hope this is appropriate!

hakbug says:

Painful to watch, coming at me like bullets… girl selection dry too

tim2co says:

I am seriously not feeling the lace-up of these dresses.

Vivian Barrows says:

This is such an ugly collection…so boring & unflattering!

modeling4Fashion says:

You can! Shoot for the stars!

Jose C ferro says:

Um gênio da alta costura mundial


Toller Track <3

cristina diaz says:

It’s always difficult to be a creator after the best, so give the beneffit
to Simmons


Dior 2014 – for Fall

ShawChan LI says:

Can’t concentrate lol

Kelly Ann says:

Does anyone know the names of the songs being played during the fashion
show ? 

pepitobenegas says:

So boring. Now it’s pretty obvious that this brand was great because of
John Galliano.

masakiayu says:

All the designs look the same.. Nothing attacts me.. If you watch chanels
fashion shows.. Every piece is so unique.. And the shows and clothes karl
lagerfeld puts up is loke no other

damien park says:

the guy with a pink toque makes the show so colourful whenever models with
colour blocking dresses pass by

ShawChan LI says:

Interrupted by the pink hood always…

George Katrakalidi says:

Christian Dior would have gone seriously depressed if he was still alive.
This was purely bad taste

petrito zezus says:

The Last 3 Models Have The Worst Walk I’ve Ever Seen.

angebeatrice says:

I actually liked this collection and thought it was fresh and modern. Sorry
to all you haters but Simmons is here to stay.

Antonella Sturatti says:

DA vedere il cappotto nero di velluto bellissimo ,mi piace l’abito
stravagante e particolare estivo fuxia e verde con strass e gli ultimi 3 li
trovo un amore

Simone Vranov says:

+Thor Nygren

privatethoughts85 says:

I remember when I used to be able to watch a Dior show from beginning to
end and be thoroughly entertained. I’ve sadly come to realize that time has
passed as now I only skim through the videos and even then, I don’t always
make it to the end. 

SunnyD1318 says:

Love the collection

francisco arredondo says:

man. a lot of those color on color combos would have benefited from black
models. especially the neons. the lack of value contrast there was bad.

Pamela V. Uriarte says:

undeserved applauses just two dresses actually made it for the entire
fashion show! i wonder what do they really work on? the attitude or
actually dressing the people? leave it to your best knowledge!

Eden Em says:

I actually love this collection. I thought it was chic, vibrant, and
honestly wearable. I see myself wearing some of these designs. 

hakbug says:

Not impressed

Simone Vranov says:

+Thor Nygren
I love this

Hrishi Bandhu says:

Christian Dior | Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Fashion Show
Christian Dior | Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive Video

Jovana Pantelic says:

first track
french fries – bug notice 

annatata1234 says:

why so many dislikes?? lol , the show was superb, with great cuts, those
coats are amazing, the colors, the models are great too…overall was an
amazing show!!

Rod Neville says:

Its apparent that Dior is no longer about theatrical, extravagant glamour
but instead has taken a more modern/minimalist turn. I thought the shoes,
bags, and gloves were very interesting. 

amsterdamlove says:

love dior ,those colourful dresses were awesome

shekhar kumar says:

Full fashion 

separase says:

Thank god G is gone. His designs were so cheapo like high school home
coming queen costume.

BrodeurBear says:

Guys this is supposed to be DIOR, the most awesome fashion house of all
time, not a few wearable suits and the ugliest shoes in the world! Also,
they stopped publishing the breakdown of the sales of the house years ago,
you can’t say whether they sell more clothes than before, or that the bags
and scent are making more money than before, and as we don’t see many
people other than those under contract to do so actually wearing Dior, I
think it’s safe to say that they aren’t selling clothes…. Give us
something amazing, if you can, not this dross

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