Christian Dior – Fall Winter 2012/2013 Full Fashion Show

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Khoa Tran says:

every models hav their own style 😀

Joanna J0 says:

I like shoes!!

UnicornOfTheInternet says:

Oh, thank you!

Celeste Yeung says:

“the opening model”‘s name is Aymeline Valade.

wadchulukinat says:

Thank god it isn’t… It’s Bill Gaytten showing the last collection before Raf wrecked it 🙂

Misseffortlesslychic says:

Not very creative and quite boring. It is miles away from the “craziness” and creativity of John Galliano.

yacine haffou says:

boring feel like seen the same thing 50 times or 50 different looks ?

Danny Hunter says:

14:37 first time on a fashion show LOL

nia cira says:

are they yelling tatiana???????????

olimac909 says:

cancer patient hats imo

Simon Averö says:

first out model is in a whole other devision, such a pro!!

Simon Averö says:

Oh yeah I adore here walk as well. such a pro!

Simon Averö says:

you think that Karlie is good?
I see that your taste of class is quite low.

minp2001 says:

03:40, im in love!

FabSoulsNY says:

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Zha Fra says:

Not bad …. modesty

haga71p28 says:

Beautiful  collection

Deen S says:

who is the guy bowing at then end…its not Raf!!?

R Montesino says:

Closing the show as usual! Love karlie! Her walk is like art and combined with her signature death stare, and 6′ ht she’s phenomenal!!

Milii Bradshaw says:

John Galliano is the best, although not in Dior, Nobody takes it danced

xds94 says:

I really don’t know how she does it to walk. I can’t even describe how she walks! But it’s so cool!

stephanie tyson says:

The finally piece was breath taking

natedornbirer says:


Bulent Dogan says:

Kıpır Kıpır

TiffanyElliott97 says:

what are they yelling in the beggining?

Elle Dee says:

Very feminine, very chic. One of these pieces could make Courtney Love look elegant & classy. Love!

liotie says:

Boring. Not much meat to eat.

Talim Reby says:

Amazing…i did a photoshoot inspired by the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012-2013 Collection : all fans must to see this :­­2012/10/the-mysterious-affair­-­at-styles-orient.html

keepItreal923 says:

loved it. thumbs up

BritneySlaveEdits says:

Love the last models dress

Zoe Cursual says:

11:28 Last face! 🙂

Natalie Luk says:

YEAH I KNOW but Aymeline is pretty good too!

kissesandcoconut says:

Music, please!!

ImFunny105 says:

i loved it loved i was thinking exactly the same as @BriannaH88 then i saw the comment and i just couldn’t agree more beautiful btw im only 14 but i love fashion and there are probability not a lot of teenagers that have a eye for this and love it but i did so just the words for it are absolutely beautiful !!!! <3

LineSuperunaturligs says:


Daniel Rechmann says:

Galliano. Returns. Please.

Superstarfruit888 says:

Love those sheer skirts that only show leg when you walk. Gorgeous. So well done.

חיים חננאל says:

3:11 DIVA!

Zarai Flores says:

Lo mejor de Christian Dior – Otoño Invierno 2012/2013

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