Christian Dior Fall Winter 2012

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Christian Dior Fall Winter 2012 by Bill Gaytten.

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Angela Pham says:

do you know the music of show… please…

Pietro Bonacina says:

favourite looks from this amazing collection on my fashion blog:

Simon Averö says:

aymeline valade, stands out. love her! the walk is spot on, and the way she turns is slick and elegant.

olimac909 says:

4:52 Vanessa Axente being a queen tbh

jota1000able says:

This show is one of the most beautiful and neat of all dior shows.. 

tiko gvadzabia says:

Aymeline Valade

ifstardollwasreal says:

I loved that collection..
In my opinion it’s like the clothes where actually made by sir CHRISTIAN him self-obviously more modern though

NinkaPanda says:

Did you like that collection? I mean I don’t think it was absolutely hideous… But you have to admit Raf designs look a bit dated….

Brian Young says:

Great music, great models, great clothes, why on earth would they have raf Simons over bill gaytten!?

joaannp says:

Aymeline Valade

olimac909 says:

4:52 Vanessa Axente showing bitches how to get shit done
along with Andreea @ 5:48

msupu611 says:

What’s the name of the first model? She’s amazing!!!!

alfh fy says:

i love Vlada 🙂

ifstardollwasreal says:

I beg to differ..

Marcelo Teles says:

A primeira modelo arrasou na passarela ,sem explicações!

minp2001 says:

04:01 my favourite!!!!!! I

minp2001 says:

I like the collection….especially 04:01


Hermosa colección, muy femenina, muy delicada y sencilla, ADORO ESTE ESTILO, felicidades para la casa DIOR

chrisbrazy10 says:

Full screen so I can feel like I was there. 

mitoayumichondri says:

Don’t think those heels are suitable for all the elegant outfits.

chrisbrazy10 says:

I don’t know what everyone is bitching about. Bill did a good job, & he was always by johns side. His couture show was also very good. So umm, fuck off.

chrisbrazy10 says:

omg Polish model Magdalena Frackowiak @ 11:17

lavieonrose1 says:

Not Dior! 

uLiivuitton says:

i love me some Karlie Kloss <3

Hoàng Phan says:

5:11 ??????????????

Dior4im says:

In the end ppl were hurrying to get out before bill came…karlie is always awesome….nice collection

yum me says:

i love this collection…very beautiful, elegant and classy!!

poodlewoodle11 says:

Bill Gaytton is seriously underestimated as a designer! I can’t believe that he did not gain more popularity or attention during his time at Dior. Am I the only one who thinks that Galliano was turning Dior into a circus? Gaytten did beautifully at Dior, he really succeeded in taking the brand back to its roots but keeping it modern.

Maria Imbuido says:

Absolutely love this collection from most of the others

Lishu K. says:

is she liu wen?

b-muse M says:

also can anyone tell me who’s the modle in pink @09:07 smoking hot!!!

b-muse M says:

love the tune, but can’t take the hat and shoes, feel if put some weavy volume to the hair the whole look would be less stiff. However, Karlie walk my heart away as always =3

Ting Chiu says:

what’s wrong with the Dior……ˊˋ

spiralling dome says:

3:14 love that Chinese model

Ace Prado says:

pastel grey and pink all the way to black dresses is nice to look at

SplendidjanieSings says:

karlies walk was never ending lol loved it though! ,:3

theultimateapex says:


theultimateapex says:

What is the last song?

seamoscomplices says:

10.5 min. this model has some big ears

professorbland says:

nice collection, but house music doesn’t fit the clothes

sugarmill2000 says:

love those thick nude shoes

BnalrmiCorp says:

Near’s Theme from Death Note on the Christian Dior Runway Soundtrack? What the fuck?

MissBabylon89 says:

The best collection i’ve seen so far this season….. But Dior is still not the same without Galliano…..

TheKarnak4 says:

I love Karlie Kloss! she has her own signature walk !

KAWORU2123 says:

No,she is: Aymeline Valade ! 😀

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