Christian Dior Fall Winter 2012 2013 Full Fashion Show with Names

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Christian Dior Fall Winter 2012 2013 Christian Dior Otoño Invierno 2012 2013.

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Chee Leie says:

Dior is rich. Other shows one model walks in two or three dresses. Here, it got like all top models and each one only walks for one dress

osagallo says:

look lake ZARA

Valery Ruiz says:

I wonder why Suvi koponen was touching her face…¿?

antmfan99 says:

MONTY <3333333333333333

Lalulilaa says:


dimas44444 says:

14:36 that must be embarrassing

Anagabie luckyboy says:


yagomad2001 says:

this is fashion ,not show and i want a fashion SHOW.

2Chuas says:

Wonderful! Love the way Aymeline Valade just rips down the runway!!

jmms2591 says:

Karlie is just perfection!!!

Deron Williams says:

love the music.i agree with rest of your.calliano was christian dior.bad mistake by the company for letting him go.

TheMusicstarlight says:


Paulina Omilian says:

without Galliano it’s not the same Dior anymore..

yavalt says:

wtf suvi koponen doing in the runway?

yavalt says:

okay this rtw almost looks the same as the haute couture one, dior is falling down fast these days

Cristina Zorč says:

A little bit boring, but classy and lovely, I love the colors!

han4ik says:

music 00:10? =)))

SonataSasaki says:

Beautiful dresses. but I think, many of the designs look like Dior haute Couture F/W 2008.
I dont really like this, because this is not the reason why I watched Dior.

becca mc says:

I’m getting a different girly vibe but it’s not quite dior….. the shoes totally are though.
it’s also awesome they put the models names.

Paris Tung says:

Am I watching chanel show????

moise321 says:

@ fserges

it’s Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas - Mighty Girl

carlos mejias says:

la musica de que es?

fserges says:

Anybody knows the music at 9:08?

beachfanatic2010 says:

10:56 Vlada Roslyakova, gorgeous and clealy the best one by far in the runway, she keeps it simple and clean.

Ximena Acevedo says:


musicdewd1 says:

Virgil Thompson Nine Portraits for piano: Pastoral – A Portrait of Tristan Tzara
00:02 Shola Ama & Craig Armstrong – Someday I’ll Find You 00:22 : Nero ”Promises” (Calvin Harris Remix)
02:33 :Bliss – Epilogue
04:23 :Anquelique KIDJO – Lonlon
06:00 : Charli XCX: “I’ll Never Know”07:00 : Aphex ”Twin – Nannou ” 08:00 : Armin Van Buuren – Communication (Orchestral Version) 09:30 : Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas – Mighty Girl
To find : 01:53 & 03:12 & 09:16

Satanuntha Boonma says:

Dior girl in my mind is the young girl. not adult or old woman like this.

Satanuntha Boonma says:

It’s not Christian Dior in my mind … don’t like it.

Juan Hoyos says:


heliogabulus2 says:

Too bad convicted criminal John Galliano couldn’t be present to dress the girls in Aryan swimtrunks and have them goose step to the evocative strains of Joy Division.

pepitobenegas says:

Awful show, and I hate the names in the video!

boy007bcn says:

anyone knows the last song 9:10 ?

TheGwechenberger says:


badella83 says:

Go Monty!!! ( Montana Cox) winner of” Australia’s Next Top Model”

joycee4849 says:

finally i saw you in the show of the fall winter 2012 2013, karlie, so happy, though you din’t open it. every show needs you to balance frida’s height. love you both, together with jac and caroline brasch nielsen.

FabJennie says:

Its an improvement. The prints were killing me I think I could have done with out the heavy prints. But all in all not bad. Still its not what John G. would have done that’s for sure….

Bryan Kagenveama Jr says:


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