Christian Dior Fall Winter 2010/11 Haute Couture Full Show.

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Christian Dior Fall Winter 2010/11 Haute Couture Full Show.

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Hải Đào says:

John galliano , plz be backk

Juan Pablo Terrazas says:

I don’t care this was posted 3 years ago… I needed the songs and you delivered! Thanks a lot. I hope something really good happens to you in the future. I really do 🙂

adrian chocobar says:

where is the song to min 02:35

Sebastian Wendel says:

Unglaublich diese Show – und der Mensch soll vom Affen abstammen – Unglaublich !

Otis Von Rothbart says:

The love of Flowers <3 I adore Christian Dior fabrics and floral silhouettes it captures every Girly-girls dream in one dress ^_^

savethewatt says:

The collection is stunning. The elegant floral theme makes it like touched with spring mixture. My favorite one is Kim Norda’s dress (black-yellow one) This show also features Frackowiak as the closing. How elegant!

MANILABOY6631 says:

YUCK ! The clothes look dirty and unrefined.

kimdkus says:

Oh how I love those full tulip dresses. I would love to learn how to make those.

Jay Jones says:


anataria says:

Give us back JOHN GALLIANO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nguyen Duc says:

omg. I love the flashiness. I love whole collection. Dior is my fav, and my destination

Britt S says:

This is a way of humiliating these women!

Axel Balsan says:

The spring show absolutely Beautiful ! Everything was simply perfection. I agree you with you on this show. Spring for the fall. haha.

Axel Balsan says:

Yes ! I want everything from this couture collection ! also the Spring 2011 was amazing !

Axel Balsan says:

that on was beautiful ! also the one that Magdalena wore ♡

Axel Balsan says:

If I had the £ 100, 000.00 I would buy the Gown that Monika Jagaciak wore. ♡

Axel Balsan says:

£ 100, 000.00 ♡

djpokki says:

raf simons.

Carolina Marsal says:

one of those dresses cost like 50.000 euros hah

mdtropic D. says:

they look like couture munchskins

Axel Balsan says:

Irish -La Fuente & Funk D

helloimshakiragabo says:

love the colours!

jayden mineur says:

does anyone know the name of the song? 🙂

snejanahanadovile says:

Thank you for the information! 🙂

Cornelius Ofdark says:

Jump to 09:20 to see full collection right away!

Cornelius Ofdark says:

Currently BILL GAYTTEN is the one “in charge” of design in DIOR. He is not receiving good reviews though. But critics say he is doing…a fair job.

snejanahanadovile says:

wait… didn’t John get fired from Dior?… I’m still wondering who’s going to replace him

Josh L says:

thanks @kaworu2123

simcity92 says:

Marvelous, absolutly amazing collection. Love it!

hijlaa says:

It’s from Paris Haute Couture week, showcased in Paris on July 5, 2010.

Limapoel says:

Yulia Kharlapanova ;)

Josh L says:

who is the model in 1:38

007kcamera says:

wow, this is amazing. does anyone know what the date was when this was on and at which fashion week? both milan and paris are tagged…

babygaga41 says:

this collection was outstanding. the models looked gorgeous and know how to walk with those garments of pure Dior. Pat McGragth really knows the makeup of John Galliano. And she deserves some credit. Plus those dressed twoards the end were unbelieveible. They almost made me want to cry.

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