Christian Dior Fall 2009 Haute Couture Fashion Show (full)

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My Blog・ John Galliano for Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Haute Couture Thana Kuhnen, Anna Kuchkina, Olga Sherer Cha…

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kiwiteddi says:

leg extension? i dont think so

Jade Webber-Crothers says:

So beautiful! So elegant.

dejay iCandy says:

track list?

Axel Ivan Mendotza Gonzalez Snz says:

Sasha is such a high roller! fierce bitch!

ordead says:

 perfect i climaxed right when galliano walked out


22:36 doesnt it seem like Galliano is having a conversation with Caroline?


lol i just realized Liu Wen & Natasha did the same pose on the stairs

manmonh888 says:


giv112 says:

Thana Kuhnen

Etienne McKenna says:

You are welcome

MrCouleursProduction says:


Etienne McKenna says:

Zarif Let Me Back Sticky Remix………..that is the actual sound that was used for this Christian Dior show…..

Etienne McKenna says:

who is the model who opened the show?????

Etienne McKenna says:

l downloaded the whole video’s sound to my iPod…..cannot stop listening to is ! l picture the models in my head while listening……

Etienne McKenna says:

Greetings!!! First of all Thank You so much for the ones that you provided us with. l was at work yesterday and l found the one that you were unable to locate. lt is called Let me back by Zarif.

gianna victoria says:

galliano as god!

MrCouleursProduction says:

For anyone looking for the music.
0:00 – Miss Kitten – 1000 Dreams
6:06 – Miss Kitten & The Hacker – Party In My Head
9:30 – Santigold – Lights Out (Tepr Emo Remix)
12:28 – Basement Jaxx – Raindrops
Couldn’t find the one at 3:09. If anyone has it please reply.

Jordan Victoria B says:

It took 6 months for someone to answer that. I love you, fabulous person.

Terrence Mays says:

BLAH! Favorite Dior show!

Terrence Mays says:

Lights out [Tepr Emo Remix]- Santigold

olimac909 says:

Wow Sasha looks so short….definitely a 5’8er

olimac909 says:

Pooh Vlada that slight stumble…

olimac909 says:

Thana Kuhnen opened the show, bitch is made for couture though

Andrew Huang says:

who’s opening?

Jasmine Kassam says:

Michaela was so fantastic this show!!! Omg, body to die and kill for! It’s so hard to recognize the girls at first in Haute Couture, but when you do recognize them it’s crazy! And Sasha was amazing! So graceful compared to her usual walk, it was really neat to see.


thank you!
she has some amazingly beautiful eyes!!!

Jordan Victoria B says:

09:36 SONG NAME??

stu91309 says:

Denisa Dvorakova

Victor Adams says:

love olga sherer!!!!!!

099ACDC says:

Somebody, prompt, please, where all can be downloaded it, full versions of show and it is desirable in high quality?! Podiums 1990’s especially interest. Thankful in advance!


Omg whos that @ 7:59?

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