Christian Dior Fall 1997 Fashion Show (full pt.1)

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keepItreal923 says:

That’s because they looked like women and not flat chested little boys lulz.

Leanne Ramnarine says:

The 90’s was my favorite time for fashion. Couture in particular.

Sammy Ventura says:

Naomi Campbell <3

xr7t7 says:

1st model, Debbie Deitering

amilcar gonzalez says:


Syarafiq Helmi says:

first model name please??


I know at 2:38 thats Aretha Franklin Deeper Love remixed to death. I think they mixed most of the songs Last Emp. Soundtrack. at 7:45 it sounds like the them from last Emp. soundtrack mixed with NWA express yourself slowed down.

juanma o says:

Is that a very yong Tom Ford on 0:35 ??? … O_o

Tom Cardo says:

wats the name of the song that starts at 4:14?

kozmodelosrios says:

♪♪Open the Door - Ryuichi Sakamoto

gradusm says:

what is the music at 7.45 mins

Niddriejams says:

Galliano Fall !

Niddriejams says:

me me me

TheCerynitian says:

What remix of White Woman was it?

axlxexxx says:

OMG OMG, such a talent. Even an alien from outer space would like this.

fashionlove says:

Of course it’s a great show & I love it. While I was watching I just can’t help but wonder why did all those businessmen sitting at the camera spots. Obviously they were not looking at the clothes but checking out the hot bodies of the models. haha~~

Kaitlynn2534 says:

Dolce&Gabbana have the best designed handbags. (GirlieRewards, INF0)

Clifton Adams says:

the 1st model looks like a barbie doll

outsiderofcal says:

The guy at 0:38 is hot

Michael O'Malley says:

the 3rd model out (the one with the red hair) is flipping STUNNING!

PotentialFashionista says:

Now these are the real supermodels! This is what I call a fashion show! I love it! Thumbs Up…

Popis stuff says:

Thanks, they”re so gorgeous

gatotobita says:


gatotobita says:


Popis stuff says:

who is the model in 3:59? and in 4:39 is Ines Rivero? they both are very similar :and hot!

Rab1975bit says:

A big chunk of the Russian population look Asian. Not something new, just geographic. Russia’s a vast country & half of it is in Asia. Not something the old world is surprised with. But I’ve come across a few Americans who can’t get a grasp of it.
Like people can’t understand Chinese don’t always look East Asian. Chinese from Western China look Arab & those from the South look Southeast Asian.
India too, they look different from different parts.
A characteristic of Large countries that r Old.

tictocmm says:

That’s actually Astrid Munoz, Elsa can be seen in part two 🙂

tictocmm says:

I see Stacy McKenzie!

dom mi says:

i know right now theyre all awkward and super size 0

SmellyChips says:

models back then were much more attractive

handuprun says:

WOW..she is still elegant even today…

Boris Gustavo Suarez says:

Mexican Supermodel Elsa Benitez at the very end………

AJEE82 says:

FBK1976, you forget to mention Irina Pantaeva…


is that the girl from the levis,spaceman commertiial

cdsabino says:

what the name of the song starting at 2:40 ?

Rakim8 says:

Alot of them wouldn’t know that Natasha Poly is Asian either.

Donald Ahsue says:

Well no one said that most fashion editors were the sharpest knife in the drawer…lol

Rakim8 says:

I guess they did yes, but the name says it all.

Donald Ahsue says:

She actually opened a childs clothing store in New York. after she had her child….she retired after that….

Donald Ahsue says:

A lot of editors mistook her for being Chinese when in reality she has eskimo/russian roots….

Rakim8 says:

Why believe it or not?

augustocastelli14 says:

And what’s the music starting at 6 :58? thank you – before sakamoto’s notes…

David McAffrey says:

I had forgotten about Debbie Dietering. Anyone know what she’s doing now?

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