Christian Dior Fahrenheit For Men Review

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one of the most iconic fragrances of all time …my story of Fahrenheit…. mesmerizing stuff…timeless classic….relevant till date

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pdude1911 says:

This is my favorite fragrance. It came out in my year of birth.

imran zakaria says:

Owned this one.One of my top fragrance for decades.This perfume not dated and stand out .Legendary for sure…….No hype!!!

sainy 007 says:


captcarl2 says:

Great review. One of the best fragrances of all time in my opinion. Can't believe this came out in 88 and is still so original.

Lycosa says:

I want to get this :)…

David Garcia says:

While in college, two women from my class told me that I not only smelled good but that not every guy can wear Fahrenheit! I fortunately was the one that could, maybe I'll buy this again!?

Chandran Nair says:

sir, nice review.did you tried absolute ?

Patrick Echevarria says:

OG!!!!! This started it all in the game! So so so love this! My signature scent during my HS and college days. To this day, I still wear this from time to time and never ran out of back up bottle . A HOF in my book.

Martin Moore says:

Your love for and appreciation of this fragrance has totally communicated to me. It's now high on my wish list to expand my fledgling collection. Merci. M

MDCigan says:

There are 2 aspects of your vids I really like… First, your obvious enthusiasm for the subject and second the comprehensive detail you provide

MDCigan says:

Haven't smelled this one, but your detailed review makes me want to at least sample it. This sounds like a fragrance that a man wears for his own pleasure… I can't imagine this being much of a lady pleaser with a "gasoline" note… I wonder if it is the Violet leaf? I did sample L Homme Libre and both my wife and myself hated it, especially the opening but I'm not sure if it was the violet leaf or Basil that made it so distasteful

Mainak Ray says:

What's the performance of this scent does this perform and longevity ??

Bob Ono says:

Thanks Joy! Aloha, brother. I will look into my first Fahrenheit purchase…perhaps Le Parfum. I live in the heat all year, remember, so kind of tough. I have a rugged job, wouldn't mind rockin some of this juice as a tough guy scent.

smurf 1 says:

the manliest fragrance one can get.

Daniel Yalung says:

I rely more on your recommendations. I live in the tropics and on my opinion not all fragrances work well here. So before i go out to get a frag i usually check your channel. Keep up the good work.

Jbrew 1992 says:

another awesome video!!! Keep it up bro! I'm excited to see that you have over 600 subscribers!! That hair and beard is trimmed up and looking super good too brother lol!!

killerdemo says:

gasoline smells good to me too

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