Christian Dior | Cruise 2020 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Christian Dior | Cruise 2020 (Marrakesh/Morocco) by Maria Grazia Chiuri | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p) #Diorcruise #Diorcommonground

Neil Williams – Al Andalus
Glenn Sharp – Jurjuna Dance/Troubled Uprising

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서화숙 says:

Wow, Gucci gone, Dior come!

Naledi Kgatle says:

What a beautiful ode to the Moroccan culture

Victoria Fernandez Paredes says:

Too much morroco and dior

Gracielita I says:

I like it !!! Good music


This collection was beyond stunning. The music was great, the models were beautiful….thank you @dior for giving us a real fashion show 🤙🏽🌺

Al Dz says:

Boring… Dead collection. It's not Dior at all

햄볶 says:

ㅇㄴ 옷 좀 볼라카면 전체샷 잡네;

Chris Zaghi says:

I honestly think she may actually be incapable of doing anything other than regurgitating the same collection in different, dull fabrics over and over again.

Bob Capel says:

Monsieur Dior miss so much Gianfranco Ferré…this show looks like H&M

m. mache says:

Darling your Fashion styles design dresses solos quality beautiful free legs free body's conffy bottom well fit on your middle body bottom I love public sector voted 100k like each style 300k like for every models congratulations to you by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo?

Neroli She says:

Love this collection sooooo much!!! Dior catches the advanced fashion trend! Tribal style will be more and more popular in the future.

WhereIs Wal says:

The film editor should b thrown into the fire. Great music.

J'adore NCT says:

I miss Galliano

Celest1alBe1ng says:

Wow!!! Very colonial gaze. This is not cultural appreciation it's straight up appropriation. Maria needs to educate herself.

YAO says:

Wearable but boring. Boring, boring, and boring.

Kate Forsyth says:

Wow! A dream. I want it all. Every moment, flame, music note.

Bikash Kumar says:

Owao what the music 👍 really like it

Юлия Макарова says:

Great! I am in love with this colonial style! Thanks!

Michail Sykianakis says:

So much money wasted on that talentless Maria Grazia. I think she d make a great creative direcor for H&M but not really Dior level. Also dear you cant beat Dries Van Noten on the Ethnic theme and he does it so much more interestingly and far more elevated.

Armstrong Chan says:

Dior is back to the fashion game!

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