Christian Dior Cruise 2014-2015

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Christian Dior Cruise 2014-2015 Full Womenswear Runway collection Shown in Monaco.

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raymondseye says:

Once Again, DIOR is Leading the Pack…. What is the title of the music?

MrGylsen says:

u need a designer who know the house of Dior, shame 🙁

MrGylsen says:

sorry, it doesn’t look or feel dior…

alamodealex says:

This is Raf honing his craft. No novel ideas but the execution is better than ever

dwmmu2011 says:

For me the French Riviera is a byword for bohemian sophistication, belle-époque elegance, Raoul Dufy’s colourful paintings, palm-fringed promenades and sailing boats. There were some beautiful textiles and several of the silhouettes were wonderfully elegant but I didn’t feel the joy…where was the glamour?

myluvv87 says:

It look like a more youthful.collection that he would of did at Jil Sanders….#NEXT


8700gxxx says:


isefac luxe says:

à croire vraiment que durant ces années qu’il va passer chez Dior Raf Simons ne fera que du minimalisme,cette collection manque de cohérence et d’harmonie aucune innovation ni de prise de risque on pourrait facilement la confondre à la précédente,à part deux ou trois modèles qui respectent les code de la maison sinon le reste est à jeter,la coupe est la même et cette musique de fond juste à se jeter sous un pond bref depuis le départ de John la maison a perdu son esprit et son style I miss u JG

K JG says:

I wasn’t blown away, but it was an okay collection

Kremena Venkova says:

very,nice show…

violet macaroon says:

the clown show of the year! No creativity, horrible taste in fabrics and loss of Mr Dior’s identity!

violet macaroon says:

horrible! why they have hold on to raf Simons?!!!!!!!!!! Is this BCBG runway or christina Dior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Alberto Nuñez says:

Perfect! Dior! 🙂

teenmobs says:

Better than Chanel.

nia cira says:

Love this mans uniqueness

Yorel Castillo says:

That’s what raf simons doing today perfectly. overall I loved this new cruiser 2014 collection Raf Simons for Dior

Dalva Silva says:

Muito linda a coleção!Amei todos:)

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