Christian Dior Cruise 2011 Full Fashion Show

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Chin Ee Chin Chin says:

everything John Galliano means sexy.

lolita7426 says:

the cocktail and evening dresses are divine

manuel zart says:

No m canso de ver este show!! Con galliano al frente de dior wow la eleccion del soundtrack con la orquesta es divina y la coleccion tiene tanta clase y estilo por dios espero que galliano vuelva y c apresure a rehabilitarce para que vuelva a poner a dior con una de las casas francesas a nivel mundial

schrap72 says:

The clothes are beautiful and the live orchestra is wonderful!

Ohmme Maneekarn says:

and now we want back Gaytten … No Simons

Sushil Das says:

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babydollsings4ever says:

I absolutely adore this collection -3

abcd12343016 says:

Karlie <3

ilovebeinagirl says:

Some of these models’ walks are horrible. I like the clothes, though.


OMG Magdalena knows how to work a chiffon dress <3

Etsuko423 says:

look like barbie<3

chrisbrazy10 says:

omg Magdalena in that green gown

exas4791 says:

Wish the resolution is better.

Trang Tran says:

07:28 <3

José Daniel Caamaño Hernández says:


Prajwal Dsouza says:

Oh such cute dress and awesome handbags. Colors used are amazing and perfect designs of the outfits. I’m great fan of Nevanta. They have huge collection of fashion and beauty videos.

NevantaMedia says:

Nice collection… Loved those handbags. Nevanta is proud to be the official online partner of Punjab International Fashion Week, 2012

bshxp100 says:

I miss you galliano!!!

MrAllywood79 says:


CarlosSpungenMoss says:

GALLIANO is the BEST¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Diego Cadena says:

DIOR is The Best !!

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