Christian Dior “Crap” Documentary 1

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Christian Dior “Crap” Documentary.

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Vancouverama says:

Wow! You weren’t kidding about the crap part… 35 seconds in and I want to slap this presenter!

utuberock9999 says:

Christian Dior very successfully created the “Neo Classic” look between 1947~1957!

One may always say he simply followed the old look from the 19th century and before.
However, according to that type of logic, Gabrielle Chanel simply followed the men’s fashion and Eiffel Tower is just another tower, so to speak.
Nothing in the world is “absolutely” brand new or unique and devoid of history.

I’d rather say: Monsieur Dior adapted the “old look” and gave a total re-birth to it!

Bigwave2003 says:

We owe a lot to teachers. I’ll save the word genius for great artists and those who bring us medical breakthroughs, not someone who recycles fashion trends.

libertyflint says:

Unreal! Dior was the sublime personfication of the first and latter halves of the 20th century. Without licensing and controversy, there would have been no post WWII Dior as the client base could not have sustained that luxury of production. McDowell misses the point. Dior used liscensing to subsidise dream-like couture, now designers use liscensing to create nightmarish tat!


it was part of a series made to stimulate interest in the subject and braodcast on channel 4

rure1968 says:

truly atrocious and idiotic appraisal of dior by colin mcdowell…his celia johnson “brief encounter” accent is just embarrassing. dior was a genius…mcdowell is critic for whom the phrase  “those who can’t, teach” was invented.

ger6111 says:

your right…”crap” lol….some good stuff in here, but the weird “anti” dior would fade, then punch u in the…fade, hit u again. wonder why someone funded this 2 be made….tnx 4 posting!! 🙂

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