Christian Dior Book Tote In-Depth Review | What Fits inside and Pricing | Oblique Bordeaux Canvas

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Sorry for the delay in uploading; this is technically last weeks video however a mouse made a meal of my fibre optic internet cable so I was unable to upload!

Christian Dior Book tote in Oblique, price as of 15 November 2018
-Australia of $3800
– Italy/France 2100€
– USA $2700.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask below.

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Ceres AnaSéline says:

Thank you for the excellent review! You provided a ton of information, which has been very helpful.

OnWingsOfHope says:

I just wish DIOR had added a zippered pocket compartment inside of bag. Just seems way too “bare” on the inside. No lining, no pockets – no nothing! For the price they’re asking, one would think, DIOR could have added those little essentials.

fabfashionista13 says:

this might be my next bag not convinced that i want it in the oblique pattern…i hope they do a limited edition that appeals to me

The Brunette Press says:

Such a great review! Thank you for sharing and I love all the information you provided.

Amelia Utaha says:

How do we want to put name like jennifer? We need to ask to dior ??

lovepotionsinc says:

Love it! I've seen someone on the Purseforum use a zippered bag insert to organise and secure items in the bag. It also helps keep its shape. I'm eyeing a Book Tote from Spring/Summer 2019. I adore the Burgundy Oblique print though. The Toile de Jouy print in this colour is also on my wishlist. Great video. Hope to see more from you! 🙂

Yoshea Lux says:

That is a very beautiful bag! Very unique!💕❤️

# HPLUXE says:

Another great video babes! It’s a good thing I already have a couple of totes because after watching this I’d be running out to buy one 😜😉💗💗

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