Christian Dior-Backstage Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2004

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Τίνα Τζούλα says:

Dior <3

Fucked Up Faggot says:

This is basically drag queen make up. And I absolutely love it. 

Louise Miller says:

Credit should be given to the makeup artists.

Top Models India says:

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Sarah Al Thani says:

i love this vid but i feel insulted with the background music meshed up with the MUSLIM call of prayers i think  there's no need for playing the song .. +Limapoel thank you 

許軒綸 says:

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AmelExotic says:

Drag Makeup 101. 

dior_189 says:


Limapoel says:

You're welcome ! ;)

cleopatrehoney says:

thanks a lot for this, best Dior show for me with the 2007 one !
and thanks for the track, I was searching for it to convert in mp3 😀 merci !

Limapoel says:

You're welcome ! ;)

billybuzy says:

thanks for so many exclusive vids for Galliano Dior

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