“Christian Dior” Autumn Winter 2008 2009 Haute Couture Paris Full Show by FashionChannel

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steffano9 says:

Within Temptation - Aquarius

Devrim Basaran says:

Oh my god haha ! That’s what I thought first.

gianna victoria says:

viva la Galliano! fashion needs him back !!!

MrNicholas1918 says:

Love the clothes and love the music.Does anyone know the name of the first track and who it is by?would love to know.

Dominika Śmietana says:

bajkowo i perfekcyjnie ♥

Moochie589 says:

this is walking art, Dior now is nothing close to being comparable..

Jennifer Lewandowski says:

Beautiful fabric…!

Jennifer Lewandowski says:

I wish I could wear these shoes!

Daniel Ramsey says:

Compare Dior now to when Galliano was the reigning superior…smh I’m so disappointed with where ever Raf is taking Dior now…to his “new direction”..which I;m guessing is the ice cold hell.

Reginald Davs says:

The girls are serving it  The tailoring is impeccable! The show gets a total 10!!!

clay byrd says:

i seriously just shed a tear MAGNIFICENT

David Francisco says:

Trop beau tout

fpunkk says:

tracks please?

Littleathquakes says:

This is my FAVORITE collection from John for the house of Dior. The final dress is amazing.

luuubauuuba says:


07A09 says:

they look like drag queens

Cecilie Lolk Hjort says:


Rakim8 says:

Alexandra Agoston-O’Connor.

AndersStrokousK says:

Amazing, just beautiful…

ec796 says:

The model at 6:17 reminds me of a Hilton for some reason

billybuzy says:

omg… thank u fashion chanel, you finnaly get the detailed version of this show..
love u guys!!!

jcdelsante says:

This shows how a true artist John Galliano is… the music, the silhouettes, the details, and all the breathtaking atmosphere he created. Just magnifecent! Bravo!!!

Monsieur Mark says:

Thank you!! upload the Dior Couture Winter 2002 please!!!

KAWORU2123 says:

Thank you so much !!!!


amazing show




Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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