Choosing the Chanel Jumbo or Medium flap

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Hello! I wanted to share my thought process for choosing the Jumbo over the medium flap. Hopefully the points may prove helpful for anyone who is thinking ab…

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Sherin Ng says:

Hi Tiff Ng, your account is set to private so I can’t reply you, hope you
can see it here. My ghw doesn’t fade with longterm use. they are of great
quality so please don’t worry 🙂 if it really does, you can take it back to
Chanel and they will fix it for you i’m sure! it should not fade/tarnish! 

Crys Omqh says:

Hi sherin. Thank you for referring me to reebonz. Anyways do u know whether
Chanel in spore still carries the GST bag? Thanks heaps xx

Tasari says:

great tips love all the basin your video!!

Tiff Ng says:

love ur vids, and u are so lovely and cute! I bought a classic flap with
ghw recently and am worried abt the ghw fading with longterm use? Have u
found this to be the case with your (well ur mums) classic flap in the

mrsbibilove says:

loved this video you are so great and your baby is soooo amazing sleeping
throughout the whole thing good job mommy! xoxoxox 

strawberriesncandii says:

I like the smaller bag because I’m only 154 cm or 60 inches. 

Picab0o says:

I love your rev!

macoroni28 says:

Can you please make a video comparing lamb skin and caviar leather? And
also what the positives and negatives are? Has your lamb skin bag had any
scuffs? Etc xx thank you

CapeCodBelle says:

Your Chanel bags are beautiful! Would you do a Chanel bag collection video?
I seem to remember that you had some more bags from Chanel. Your baby is

E Smith says:

Baby sighting! How sweet! you look wonderful in you mod shots.

S KY says:

I like the jumbo:-) and the medium always good if you have it in your

BmwA5H says:

Such a helpful comparison! You’re so pleasurable to watch! 🙂 x

Bz1360 says:

Love all your videos, you are such a lovely person! Please do a Chanel
collection video:)

Irannis Nieves says:

Good explanation. I agree with you! Thank you! :)

alexiabrittin21 says:

Hi Sherin! What about single vs double flap? I’m pretty much decided on
jumbo caviar in black SHW, but not sure if I should get the single or
double flap!

Laura Greenfield says:

Wait is there a size in between the 2?

Redelephant ik says:

Hi Sherin, thanks for sharing your opinion. I own 2 black Chanel flap bags
– medium/large in Caviar leather with SHW and the other which I just got it
2 weeks ago a Jumbo in Lambskin with GHW. I kind of regret the purchase of
the Lambskin but having watched your video, I supposed I should just go
ahead and enjoy both bags . :)

Patricia Chew says:

Very informative. I also watch the video on the Chanel wallet on chain. I
was choosing between a medium vs Jumbo, choosing between carviar snd
lambskin. After watching both, I have purchased a medium 2.55 flap bag in
lambskin. Will save more $ for my next target Chanel WOC. THANK you so

effa haniza says:

Thank you for this video! I was torn between these two sizes but now I’m
convinced to get the medium one! 🙂 Plus I’m only 5ft and very petite. Hehe

moopsio says:

I’m 176cm. I’m planning to get jumbo because I think it would suit me
better. The only thing is the price going up so often:( So far I cherish my
gst :)

Nampeung Amornrat says:

do u have facebook or iG ?

Jane Lee says:

Hi, I really got inspired by you and love your videos! I just started
filming my first video. Hope you can drop by to watch and subscribe.
Thanks! :)

Nicole Novo says:

Gorgeous bags! I love Chanel! You look pretty too 

Sugar Dollz says:

Love your video!! Ive got 2 jumbo black and gold. wat colour do u think i
shld get in e medium? Thks!!

Glenda Glamour says:

Good comparison Sherin!! Helpful for many I”m sure!! I’m a jumbo fan –
just love the proportion!! But I can see that for a more petite lady, the
medium may be the way to go. I did the jumbo, and then the mini flap for
more formal evening use. But hey, any Chanel is gorgeous!!! x0x0x0

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