Choosing My Next Bag- Louis Vuitton, Dior Unboxing, Chanel & Harrods

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I’m Wearing:


Jacket- sold out

Lv Boots-

Chanel Bag-


Dior Choker-



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Chanel pillow-

Gucci Sneakers-

Gucci Sneakers with pearls-

Gucci Tshirt-

Gucci Denim Jacket-
jumper version-

LV Pochette Metis-
More LV Here-

Dior Boots-

Dior Earrings-

Dior Jumper-
t-shirt version-

Dior Bag-

YSL Bag-

Fendi pom pom strap-

Celine sunglasses-

Balmain Blazer-

Saint Laurent tshirt-

Valentino bag-

Huda Beauty Lashes-

Huda Beauty Highlighter-

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner-

Dior Blooming Bouquet-

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Camera: Sony A5100 |
Editing: iMovie

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Diana Torbin says:

Hi Maria, do you know the name of those new Dior earrings?

Marina Lemonari says:

Get a long shoe horn xx

Yvonne Fernandes says:

Such a fun video, I really enjoyed all the shopping. None of the bags you tried on were as beautiful as your Chanel honey, that bag is in a league of its own👌. Loved the Balmain blazer on you, it looked great with your skirt too. Thanks for sharing 😘🌹

Raquel Isla says:

The FIRST one you tried in Harrods is an Ace!!

FinaMaria says:

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Retiro NM Noir Black or Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Venus Bag Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Popincourt – all are mono and black and i think there is an Alma that also comes in mono and black – hope that helps

FinaMaria says:

Ive the startrail boots and theyve a zip on the inside its class but Im glad to see yours up close as my canvas is also wrinkled like yours! I was worried! you should buy the front row sneakers they are super comfy!!!

Hey It'sNicole says:

Singapore sell so expensive

Marcelle Besselink says:

Love the jadior earings💓it looks beautiful on you as always😁I like the choker one hope to get that one pretty soon

C Hin says:

Hold the phone…. Gucci do make up?

Hisis Micheline Fournier says:

20:13 OMG my favorite!

erin van says:

You've linked the wrong dior earrings 🙁 please link the right ones I'm in loveeee with them!!!

Bebe Bel says:

@ Maria whats your nail polish color and brand please ? i love it♥

Elisabeth Steel says:

Always look forward to watching your videos Maria, thank you for taking us along! 😍🤗👍

Susannakipnis says:

you look so stunning! I love the runway bag collection. SO cute and unique. Wonder if we will have it here in LA 🙂

Angella Gilham says:

You're putting the boots on wrong. I have the same LVs and you have to loosen the laces before putting them on. You will eventually ruin them like that. 😊 You are putting them on with the laces done up… LOL

Kelly Kim says:

Missed your shopping vlogs. Your makeup and hair looks so pretty! You have great taste 😃

Gigi A says:

Love your ENTIRE outfit ❣❣❣❣❣

Rachelle Ski says:

Try undoing your laces a little more.  That'll probably help.

LLROCKS23 says:

im getting those lashes now 😀 free shipping on cultbeauty say what

Karen Jane says:

So beautiful …and your cat is so cute x

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