CHANEL & Yves Saint Laurent Accessories Haul

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This Chanel & Yves Saint Laurent accessories Haul includes: Chanel pearl Earrings, YSL Arty ring & Chanel sunglasses.Chanel sunglasses are oversized rectangu…

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Nighat Naqvi says:

You rock girl

baobaolovesmommy says:

I love all of your videos. U have the warmest smile and a great taste. Can’t wait to see all the items on u. That would be great to see how all the items are used. Thanksssss

MissCielle101 says:

Thnx for your answer LuxBabe! I really want to find those sunnies, they are soo beautyful! Btw I love watching your videos, keep up the good work, you seem like such a sweet person! Cie xoxo

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi Cie, the model number of my sunglasses is 5171. I hope you can still get them, i have seen them in some Chanel boutiques still available. Wishing you a wonderful day hun xoxo

MissCielle101 says:

Hi again LuxBabe!
Could you please tell me if your new Chanel sunglasses are the model nr. 5205 or the model 5171? It looks like they are the first ones, because of the size, but then again I’m not sure and think they might be the model 5171..?
I will appreciate a quick answer – as soon as you see this, sweetie – because I would like to order them before it is too late. In Norway we can’t get them anylonger so I have to look for US/international shops selling luxury goods at the internet.
Cie xo

barbie11980 says:

t’es tres jolie.

nana osaki says:

i love your sunglasses <3 i know there's a smaller size (5170) but i don't know which size would be better on me =S

Celine Rodriguez says:

I’m so in love with the iconic arty oval ring! ♥ I need it in my life!

marvingeronimo says:

hey, mir ist inzwischen aufgefallen, dass du in deutschland lebst;) wo kaufst du deine designeraccessoires bzw. sonnenbrillen, taschen usw.? würde mich echt interessieren. :)

Adine Amanda says:

what did you pay for the chanel sunglasses?

camie boel says:

Hi! I just ordered the arty ring ( in green ) I’m just in love with the ring. it’s a timeless piece, never goes out of fashion! I hope it fits well on my rather short fingers. I’m not very rich but I do love little fashion items 🙂 It’s nice to buy little pieces like these rings sometimes, or nailpolish. every women should treat herself to a nice haute-couture item sometime.

mimi s says:

i’ve collected a lot of arty rings in last few months, for a designer item they aren’t all that expensive. it was a treat for when i got a promotion and just whenever i felt i deserved it frankly 🙂

clarajap says:


SrEi14870 says:

you posted this vid on my birthday hehe…. LOVELY VIDEO! X

Dwightinho56 says:

…a goodlokkinh ring. The Chanel glasses however, is really nice.

lalalalalalea says:

HI there I just subscribed, you have amazing taste in fashion/beauty. I am commenting because I loved those Chanel pearl drop earrings and was curious to know the price. If you don’t mind could you please message me back, I’m considering buying them for myself, they’re gorgeous!

snowhiteable says:

you are so classy.. i like watching your videos.i’m from trinidad and tobago

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi, thanks for asking. The nail polish i am wearing is from Dior 704 Nirvana. Wishing you a wonderful day : )

passionatereader77 says:

hi what nail polish are u wearing in the vid?

CasualLuxuries says:

You know how to stay Casually Luxurious 🙂 I loved it all… you can wear your ring on a scarf which would look so adorable but make sure its superbly secured.
Take Care 🙂

TheSugarSniper says:

No problems gorgeous 🙂 I can understand you have a life outside youtube and that’s a good thing!! ^__^ besides it’s a great leisure to watch your hauls and videos. I’ve got something I want to recommend to you but I always forget. I know you love hot pink/fuchsia as much as I do and I thought you’d love the YSL rouge volupte 11 in Rose Cult. If you also want plum lips, I think you’d love the Elizabeth Arden #08 Raisin lipliner with their High Shine Lip gloss in Rosegold 🙂 xoxo

debbick1 says:

Just love the Chanel sunglasses with the bows, gorgeous! :D

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hi, thank you so much. Glad you love them too :). Sending back the Love. LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

Hey Babygirl, I am completely floored. Normally I would have all the right answers but all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH, it means the world to me. I almost forgot …. best places to shop in Italy: Foxtown Outlet, The Mall in Florenz and The Space Outlet. You can check their websites, they give opening times and other helpfull informations. If you have any other questions let me know. Sorry it took me a while to answer sweetie. Lots of Love. LB

TheLuxeBabe says:

… oh I love your taste, that makes 2 of us hun ;D

TheLuxeBabe says:

Thank you doll :). It is my pleasure to share with you. Wishing you a lovely day.

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