Chanel WOC Review and What’s Inside

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some of my fav WOC’s: Rebecca Minkoff Mini WOC ($61.50) Tory Burch WOC (black/tan): Michael Kors WOC (quilted): htt…

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MsFarzee says:

Maybe Tiffany will share a purchase of an affordable bag and share it with
her subbies…Chanel is a luxury brand that most regular folks can’t
afford. I’d like to just know what Tiffany thought of some affordable bags
that we could find at Macy’s or Nordstrom’s Tiffany has great taste :-)

Jossunny Cruz says:

I got the Guess version of this bag in Blueberry, which is obviously way
more affordable! But very similar on the inside and pretty. I love it!

Freja H. says:

I love that you said how much it costs. I know that can get a lot of hate.
But personally I am interested how much designer bags cost and I don’t
think there is anything unnormal to it. I mean clearly we all know a Chanel
bag is expensive but I personally wouldn’t want to go into a store just to
ask for the price. Thank you so much for your honesty!! 🙂 x

Haley Glo says:

Love the new video & the bag is gorgeous!! 🙂 Do you have any tips for
smaller YouTubers? I only have 50 subscribers and I really want to grow my
channel because I’ve worked a lot on it. 

The World According To Lisa says:

I have the exact one in black !! Same collection I adore it I just brought
the Miss Dior one about to do the unboxing on my channel then a comparison
video. Love Lisa 

Adriana Braje says:

I love the color of it

Doll House says:

I thought WOC stood for woman/women of color online? Lol

heyrainey says:

What an adorable bag! It’s a little new and weird for me, but when you
doubled up the strap I actually did a full on little green alien from Toy
Story and said “Oooooooo”. I have a thing for bags but never really
clutches but this one gets me! The strap is really lovely too. And bump is
getting so biiiig! I can’t believe how little time there is to go. Exciting

Elle Florence says:

The color is so gorgeous Tiffany! If anyone would like to see an unboxing
and review of a black caviar leather Chanel Wallet on Chain, I did mine on
my channel a few months ago! 

La Beauty Bag says:

Wow, that has a lot more space and organization than I thought it would. I
can see why this has been your favorite! Very cute and functional! :)

Lisa Rose says:

Such a cute bag! I LOVE the rosey color, and the quilting really makes it
special and more unique! You’re definitely right on when you say to wait
for the right bag, because Coach came out with a gorgeous patent leather
purple bag with gold hardware, and I was so hoping they would come out with
a burgundy one. I waited, and they did! So I got it, and the matching
wallet, and I get SO many darn compliments on the bag!

FantasmicOrgasmic says:

The coach madison chain crossbody can be bought for under 100$ on ebay and
it has 6 card slots and a slip pocket built in; definitely a good

Corrie Funches says:

Love the bag!!! I want one!!!! And yes I had the same problem when my baby
was born I wasn’t going to carry a huge purse and a baby bag that was a bit
much for me…it’s so much easier to carry something smaller and something
that can fit inside the baby bag…great choice!

Marilynn Ballines says:

I guess I’m so cheap I don’t think id ever spend a grand on a purse…
My family would probably think I have gone crazy haha (where do you think I
get being cheap from) But man does it look nice… 😉 

pmb5005 says:

Hey Tiffany, just love your videos especially the pregnancy vlogs. I
wanted to suggest that you check out APRILJUSTINTV here on YouTube
for daily vlogs. They had the most adorable baby boy seven months ago and
are the sweetest couple. I think you would learn a lot from them regarding
tips and products. They are amazing parents. I’m in hopes of being a
grandma one day and am educating myself on all the new things for babies
since my son was born 29 years ago. I have no affiliation with them but
they deserve a shout out if you like them. Good luck to you and hubby as
you continue on your journey to becoming parents. You are so sweet and
will be a wonderful mom. Your little angel is so blessed to have you as
her mom. Priscilla :)

Kim Todd says:

I would love to get my daughter a small/medium backpack purse for
Christmas. Backpack is her favorite style handbag. She is 100% visually
impaired, & having her bag on her back gives her a better sense of security
& control of her personal things, as well as allowing her to have hands
free for mobility & safety without having to worry about her purse. I would
love your suggestions. Thanks so much for your advice & help! Almost
Mommy/Baby Time. We are so happy for your little Family. Congratulations!
Kim & Tara

Joyce Lee says:

The wallet on the chain wont work with canadian money cause our $1 and $2
are large coins, but then again we got rid of our pennies. Im eyeing the
chanel boy bag as my next compact purse. Love to get one of those

StephenieInColour says:

That bag is beyond gorgeous! I would love to see a handbag collection :)

Desiree Leatham says:

Enjoy the purse while you can because a diaper bag is in your future.

Las55407 says:

I’m not going to lie Tiff, when I first seen this video in my subscriptions
I was like, “meh, why do I want to see a video about a purse?”, but after
watching it, I’m glad that I did! Thank you for making this video! I plan
on saving up to purchase one of these, they really do look like a good
practical everyday bag! Like you were, I am a bigger bag kind of girl,
thinking I need to bring EVERYTHING with me. Lately I’ve been wanting to
downsize and I think this would be the perfect bag for me. Thanks again! <3

XOXOmakeupandhair says:

Love this video!! I want to get a Chanel so bad! I just don’t know if
investing that much into a bag is worth it? What are your thoughts?

Joana Belfiore says:

1750 for a bag? That’s ridiculous!!!! 

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Your bump stole all the attention :)

Danica Regala says:

That bag will be very useful after you gave birth. It did for me. I was
kinda big bag kinda girl until i bought my chanel Classic medium but i cant
carry it crossbody so i tried the woc, And when YOur pushing the stroller
or carrying a baby This will come in very handy in so many ways.

Tori-Ann Bailey says:

I have a three month old daughter and I recently purchased a cross body
wallet type of bag/clutch. I don’t like to carry a diaper bag and a purse
but when I’m shopping it was very inconvenient to go to the bottom of the
stroller to dig through the diaper bag for my wallet, obviously I didn’t
want to keep my wallet out where someone could easily steal it. I think you
will especially enjoy having your wallet on a chain when shopping with your
little girl! 

Fashionable Lena says:

Personally, I carried a handbag and a diaper bag with both of my kids. I
tried combining the two and hated it. I felt like I just needed t keep my
things separate. It’s not ridiculous and many women do it. 

Amber Canaan says:

I love your videos! I have been watching you for years and love seeing
your pregnancy progress! I have 3 kids and used to be a L&D nurse. I wanted
to share with you about essential oils because they are really awesome in
pregnancy and also after the baby comes. I would love to tell you more
about it. I teach online classes weekly!

xoxoLeony says:

I appreciate you mentioning the price. It’s not like it’s hard to find out
anyway, but that way you save us that step and also, everyone knows they’re
expensive, might as well put it out there. Whoever might give you crap
about spending that amount would do it either way. Beautiful bag and you’re
totally right about how it will also be convenient alongside a diaper bag!

elesha burgess says:

That bag is closer to $ 2500 in Australia :(((((

Charlene Madson says:

Have you shown your diaper bag yet? I don’t recall seeing it in any of your
pregnancy videos. Would love to see which bag you chose. I’m a few weeks
behind you and can’t decide what diaper bag I want.

Bianca Aiello says:

Oh my goodness! I have this exact same bag in the same colour. I really
love it. I have not ever seen this colour from Chanel either. I was so
exited to see that you had this too. I love that it is from the
Paris-Dallas collection and that it is a more original and that it is less
common. Obviously you love it too! 

irishdanielle13 says:

Where do you sell your bags?

Sally Fung says:

Awesome video Tiff! Have been trying to get out of the LV train for awhile
but nothing on the market is comparable in terms of value. Seriously
thinking of getting something like that, it’s absolutely gorgeous and the
price isn’t outrageous. Can’t wait for my birthday so hubby can take me to
a chanel store. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! 

Judy Bishop says:

I’m in love with your bag! Stunning. Is that Waylon in the background?
It doesn’t look like him?

babefishdance says:

I carry Chanel mini and a diaper bag. Like u said, I put my cell phone,
cards and cash in the mini, with plenty of space to spare. Then the diaper
bag you would always leave it under the stroller. I d like to try the woc
one day! 

Kate Beee says:

Love this type of review. Really helps me see where I might like to invest
my dollar. And thanks so much for posting the less expensive, but similar
bags. A Chanel bag is not in my price range but one of the others may be.
And I would love to see a handbag collection video as well! (I love a
handbag, always have.) 

Betty Heath says:

I totally agree about bags being an investment. I tend to gravitate toward
Louis Vuitton and that’s the brand I always buy, but your review has me
interested in Chanel. :)

Meaghan Keelin says:

This video was perfect! I’ve been obsessed with the Chanel WOC since you
got yours, but as a college student I can’t afford a nearly $2000 bag 🙁
haha. The Tory Burch is a gorgeous and affordable alternative! Thanks so
much for taking the time to find less expensive WOC’s!!

abunchahooey says:

I have to admire your chutzpah, Tiffany. A big bag girl like yourself
diving into not only a wallet sized bag, but a pink one that’s really
pricey, lol! Like you said, it’s an investment, and it’s obvious you love
it, so you go, girl!! I would be paralyzed with indecision trying to make
that purchase, lol. 

Lynn Plummer says:

Do you have a designer diaper bag?

Valerie Cristina says:

Beautiful bag and color as well! I carry a purse and diaper bag.. Most of
the time the diaper bag is either on a stroller or in a shopping cart..

Ashley K says:

Love this! I use my woc all the time. Have you seen the new quilted patent
wocs for Cruise 2015? They’re similar to the Boy but the hardware is a
shiny silver. I’m obsessed! 

Jen Lux says:

wow this bag is gorgeous-enjoy it!!! As a college student I unfortunately
cannot afford brands like Chanel, but I hope to one day! they look so
timeless <3 

Anna Danielle says:

Love the bag! Great review! 🙂
Would you consider doing a handbag collection video once your closet is set
up? I am in the market for a new bag and I love your taste!

love apple says:

now i totally want this type of bag. i will be looking for cheaper
alternatives but its cool that ur enjoying ur chanel one. and hey like u
said u can probably even make money off of selling it later.

Stephanie Keith says:

Haha so cute how you actually would put on the bag and do your little pose
with your arms with each different style. I just thought that was so cute!

LadyFox PS says:

so how much was this bag?

Samantha Kwok says:

I actually carry smaller cross body bags when I’m out with my baby. I keep
my wallet, phone and keys close by & never take it off & I find it easier
to move around if I need to carry the baby. 

Smriti Singh says:

absolutely enjoyed all the information this video gave your
style.god bless u n the bag video ever.

Talli A says:

I’ve been following your pregnancy as I’m a few weeks ahead of you and I
just wanted to say that my baby arrived Monday at 37 weeks. Luckily I had
my bag packed but just incase you’re early too make sure you’ve got
everything! Good luck.
Love the wallet on a chain, they are crazy expensive but I definitely like
my money where I can see it lol…half a sex in the city quote there.

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