CHANEL. Where beauty begins

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For CHANEL, beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. When you choose to believe in yourself. With the conviction that you are unique. Beauty begin…

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Nazri Buang says:


MrJavierEQ says:

Can someone tell me the model+year of the Mercedes that appears in the ad, please?

MrJavierEQ says:

Yes, her name is Diane Kruger.

Dan jr says:

We learn that white standard beauty is beauty. Tragic Chanel ad.

Salim Bouziri says:

Yea .. For CHANEL ..

AnaDiamondAA says:

I really love Diane but it always disappoints me when celebrities change their brands just like that. She was the face of Calvin Klein and Keira was the face of Chanel 🙁

Adziim Khaidir says:

what was the comment? just to satisfy my curiosity e.e

seling97 says:

she sounds like lightning…or alli hillis

Vivek Divekar says:

jfyi. posted on my fb:

“What a shame – so much opportunity to get under the skin of beauty – to the inner beauty and……….”
– for a viewer, the video is nice; but, Barney Loehnis words above are so very true.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
” the age of humans and its fundamental drawback:
…its the strong-hold of branding / advertising, which keeps society mesmerized to the superficiality of life… and continually draws one into mindless consumerism.

Lenora Clarke says:

I have always love the beauty and smell of Chanel even as a young girl when my step dad would buy ut fir me. We have came a long way Chanel you are still number one in my heart.

Barney Loehnis says:

What a shame – so much opportunity to get under the skin of beauty – to the inner beauty and inner confidence that surpasses great brands and beautiful women like Diane – but Chanel fails with some cheesy music, platitudinal copy and whimsical visuals.

Romy Brandsma says:

Diane Kruger started out as a model though, before she became an actress. 😉

tessa fleurisima says:

Thanks DOVE for getting this campaign started — b/c if we left it up to Karl Lagerfeld it never would’ve happened!

KillPriyanka says:

I’ve never seen Diane as beautiful.. Sorry… But she looks gorgeous here and she sure got class

Yingsaran Ying says:

Diane, her alwalys beautiful : )

Irene Turner says:

it would have more of an impact if the model were slightly imperfect, older or otherwise not the classic beauty…in my opinion of course. Otherwise, great message



aanonymous632 says:

I know, I’ve used nearly all the products and much prefer Chanel for quality, but Bourjois is better for price.

José Daniel Caamaño Hernández says:

She’s extremely divine on this campaign. Gorgeous <3

Carla Rebeilleau Peyrat says:

Well, it’s Diane Kruger… OF course she’s a true beauty!

lucerte lisa abellard says:

Love it

Zuzana Zuščinová says:

i think they should have used a proper model, not an actress again,,,,

Mariuxi Chang says:

Bourjois is the drugstore/high street brand of Chanel… they have really good products

BTW0213 says:


maram faisal says:


gajyumaru2122 says:


Mia Dumont says:

could have written that!

mihiri gajanayake says:

totally love Diane Kruger (?) in this. loooove this campaign!

jonop37 says:

Bourjois is the brand that makes Chanel makeup. The products are very similar, but in fancier packaging. Try the healthy mix serum foundation - same as vitalumiere aqua.

Kal Nicole says:

I wish Laetitia Casta was chosen to be the face of chanel skincare 🙁

clairestutorials says:

Isnt she from that new show The Bridge?

aanonymous632 says:

Sounds like a plan! 😀

aanonymous632 says:

She isn’t asking them to lower the prices but to make another seperate line/brand, similar to Chanel, but cheaper, good for teenagers.

Dawn Davis says:

I think its true.

animalrabbitcarer says:

Ok. sorry xx maybe not. it was only idea. :

MsSunny9 says:

Cold, distant and unrelatable.

Sema Avalith says:

There are other brand name makeup line that isn’t as expensive as Chanel; to ask them to lower the price is to bring down the quality, and thus that will make Chanel no longer a Chanel

Elis Tahmaz says:

she’s so beautiful

anki295 says:

its her voice

Sheb Dj-SkywalkeR Woods says:

isn’t this the Bitch from “Orange is the new Black” ? 

RangerOfAlcyone says:

She looks kinda like Jennifer O’Dell from the Lost World, but without as high a cheek bones.

Sarah20461 says:

Diane Kruger is German, I’m not sure it’s her voice though

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