Chanel West Coast Spits Original Freestyle

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Close – YMCMB’s newest signee Chanel West Coast rattles off an authentic freestyle that she says was 100% thought up at the moment.

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applebum420 says:

This is horrible lmao

Karen Ramirez says:

Lmfaooooo I love her but no

kimjay425 says:

Lmao vlad why did u ask that girl to make a fool of herself on camera like that? Smh

marcus5229 says:


Guadalupe Jimenez says:

Young money just ruined another rapper – ,-

SoCalDude805 says:

Meh, I’ve heard worse freestyles, plus a lot of your favorite rappers would sound like this off the top.

dumdum1522 says:

Young money just wanna hit the puss. You know she ain’t gonna be allowed to drop even a single with this shit

Mizz SpanishFlyy Zaragoza says:

I love her shirt.

Kush Sosa says:

YMCM jus wana train that lil white pussy Thas all

polokidsz123 says:

She’s wack ! Lol

Hennessy Hussle says:

Stay stoney like ballony . Lmfao!!

Daniel Scenery says:


James King says:

she said she would spit in your face

Riley Fields says:

You guys are just jealous cuz she is better than you and your scared to admit it so you hide your jealousy by hating

Daniel Mena says:

This bitch is trash, she needs stay in her lane as Robs do low!!! She might wanna start writing and lying about freestyling

badredbone87 says:

Her real music is actually pretty good, she can’t freestyle tho

94camaroo says:

Ain’t never baloney and you know i stay stoney

94camaroo says:

How is she not embarrassed

UltimateGamerLPS says:


LakersDynasty42 says:

She’s no worse than V-Nasty.

HolliSityGulleS says:

wtf did i just listen too? o.0

Green Growbro says:

This shit is a slap in the face to hip hop and pop

realtalk300 says:

damn she hard why kendrick aint put her in control verse

bep2011 says:

Get of her back she a tv host

Kia Burke says:

Get the fuck off the earth with that BS!!

DiverseLA says:

You’re really looking for that top comment.

John Smith says:

this white ho can spit on my dick

John Smith says:

i cant find this ho’s answer 

LilBlitz116 says:

Fuckin stupid. So fuckin stupid

meet magazine says:

When VLAD isn’t promoting men getting fucked up the ass,
He’s drafting wack white rappers in the NFL, Neanderthals Finishing Last.
No flow, no vocab, and stereotypes is all that they produce.
A rhythm less minstrel show, with the rap skills of Dr. Seuss.
Rhyming should be at it’s peak! We should all be set!
But when I see Emcees like these, I think they must’ve lost a bet!
In conclusion, cute white girls, don’t be scorned.
Do the world a favor, drop the mic and shoot interracial porn!

420HighAllTheTime420 says:


rockgodchavez says:

She actually sounds quite amateur

ddsdavey says:

Bet kendrick is quakin in his boots hopin this bitch dont release nothin lmfao!

Randeep Gujral says:

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Jesus Lozano says:

chanel go check out SNOW THA PRODUCT, and take notes!!! 🙂 still love you though

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