Chanel West Coast Ft. Nessly- Old Fashioned (Official Music Video)

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Old Fashioned Available now:

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Old Fashioned Credits:
Artist: Chanel West Coast
Produced By 9AM
Written by Chanel West Coast + Kaydence
Featuring Nessly
Sound Engineer: Jeff Ryon
Mixing Engineer: Sean Phelan

Video Production:
Directed by: Edgar Esteves
Executive Producers: Riveting Entertainment
Distributor: Foundation Media, LLC

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Keith Clarkson says:

fair game something different than usual

Alejandra Yanez says:

I act like I let it goooooo I'm pretty thoooooo 🖤

Lizbeth Figueroa says:

This girl needs to retire.. her music is terrible 🤭

you fucking momo says:

this bitch using a flintlock in the wild west, the song fucking songs you couldnt at least n try to b accreate

Nicole Girardi says:

Omg shes fucking terrible

Dakota Kulha says:

Another great hit. Keep it up Chanel. I am Chanel's #1 fan. Chanel is one of the greatest rappers EVER!!!!

Divine Feminine777 says:

Chanel is underrated 💁

Galvin B. Begody says:

Tacky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok calm Down 😂

Hayden H says:

Hey GIRL!!! M 777 is what up cuz m is ,3 7 steps do own not touch. Got it. Be careful.

Hayden H says:

you know I've heard you practice done the same and I'm so alone and you show it on the video when you got to actually perfect and people bash you of your oshie's Rapinoe Bubba you know what shows you can do anything any kind of music any kind of to any kind of pitch it's practice to what you make what you want what you want kind of music you want and you know what it shows and I love you and keep going because you just make perfect perfect girl ,,Fack I used voice talk and8 oopd

Hayden H says:

Making her own statement using old original chic video but But she does it right!!!!. She shoes cute butt checks with outfit not all ass like Nikki. Yup!

Hayden H says:

New test says the black horse but not the rider baby! Yup she do it in class like the hills. Yup

Hayden H says:

What I'd like to see is u slashing on two girls one cup. Seriously it did start with a girl on the net suck horse dick and cum on up on ER. Really west!!!!!

Pina. says:

Old Wack Road

Pia Bayetti says:

Give it up. Sounds like she copied everyone else. Nice try

Dwight Hollis says:

She fucking said "Nau Nau"

Andrey Leader says:

Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

215Christ says:

it's cool…keep ya' head up…

kathrine knight says:

Everyone is cashing in on the old west!

Textual Predator says:

"YOU DONT KNOW MY MUSICAL TRACK RECORD!" – Chanel WeakCoast #trashbatch

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